The UN must stop the deaths in Syria

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The UN must stop the deaths in Syria
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January  08th, 2013

The United Nations has announced it will stop estimating the number of deaths in Syria. They said that they cannot monitor them as the borders are too long. Most recently, in June, they said that the number had exceeded 100,000. They said it is no longer possible to count them.

Right, instead of being that helpless, the UN should espouse the system of the Mahdi. If they support people who talk about Islam with the spirit of the Qur’an, that is based on love and brotherhood, and with the spirit of the Companions, they will quickly achieve results. Their eyes are closed to the truth at the moment. This is no solution or method. The UN says it can no longer count the dead. We are not telling them to count the dead. We are telling them to stop the dying. Stop the deaths. There is no need to learn how many people have died. The need is for an end to the dying. You cannot stop the dying by giving people lots of weapons. You can stop it with education and knowledge. Support whoever supports the Islam of the Companions. It is as simple as that. They could have achieved results if they had spent the money they did on guns on books instead. Books should be handed out, and programs should be produced on all channels. Results could have been achieved very quickly. They are silent in the face of extremism. Extremism has pervaded the entire world and is ruining it. It is no good to them to ignore the solution. There are huge educational possibilities, and they should make optimal use of these to describe the Islam of the Companions, moderate Islam.

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