Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will open the Ark of the Covenant on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount together accompanied with the current Pope and rabbis

Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will open the Ark of the Covenant on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount together accompanied with the current Pope and rabbis

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated July 31th & 26th, 2014
Adnan Oktar:  Can they not stop launching rockets so we can establish peace and this horror can come to an end? What is the point? They are trying to escalate it every day! Let us establish peace so they can embrace one another. Let them announce that they are brothers. The two sides could even establish an army together. They should set up their own defense structures. Let us build the Temple of Solomon at once, and the lovely palace of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Then what should we do…?
Oktar Babuna: Let us climb to the Temple Mount.
Adnan Oktar: Let us climb to the Temple Mount. Look, the gate of Lot is closed. Let us get the rabbis to open it. Then let us get imams and the Pope, and the chief rabbi. Let us walk down from the Mount together, through the gate of Lot. That will be the end of the matter.
Oktar Babuna: Insha’Allah. Will the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) be there, too?
Adnan Oktar: We are waiting for him, otherwise we would long since have been there. It is no good without him, so we are waiting. If we have to wait too long, we will go there anyway. He will see and will hear and will have to come, insha’Allah. He will come to pray. He will come to pray at the Dome of the Rock. We will have to oblige him to come, otherwise he will not.
- When will he come?
Adnan Oktar: Let me explicitly state that Jesus will not come until Hazrat Mahdi makes Islam prevail the world. It is not possible. He will not come until the Christian world feels an intense love for Islam. He will not come until the Jewish world feels an intense love for Islam. The responsibility for that lies with the Mahdi, a man of love. He is now awaiting God’s command. It has nothing to do with his saying, ‘I have come.’ He will say, 'I was made to appear.’ God is now making things hard for the Islamic community. There is great pressure on them. Blood is flowing in Palestine, Libya, Egypt and everywhere. But it will flow much more than that! Blood will flow until the Mahdi tells it to stop!
That is what God desires. That is Almighty God’s command in destiny. We see the blood that has flowed before. It flowed even before the world was made. The angels above saw it and said, ‘The Lord will cause blood to flow. Do You create people in order to give them pain?’ Because God reveals mysteries to them. They know the entire past of the world. They see rivers of blood, particularly in the End Times, in the time of the Mahdi. Almighty God says, you cannot know, but I know. What do the angels not know? The appearance of the Mahdi, the appearance of Jesus the Messiah. They think there will just be bloodshed. Yet Almighty God will produce a light from that sea of blood. The Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. Two brothers. We will see they closely resemble one another. That resemblance is another source of amazement. Their natures will also be very similar.
It is 2000 years since Jesus the Messiah ascended into the sky. The Mahdi has come 2000 years later, but they bear a remarkable resemblance to one another, in nature and appearance. Their meeting will be at the meeting of the two seas told in Surat al-Kahf. God also says that pearls and corals will appear where those two seas meet. That refers to Jesus the Messiah and the Mahdi. From where the two seas meet, says God. That is guarded language, but clear enough for those who wish to understand. The Qur’an is a sea of secrets.
Aylin Kocaman: Can we learn where the Prophet Jesus is?
Adnan Oktar: The location of Jesus the Messiah is a matter of which God is most jealous. He greatly loves Jesus the Messiah. The Roman soldiers climbed the stairs where Jesus was in order to crucify him. Had Almighty God so wished, they could have found him. They could have martyred Jesus the Messiah. He could have raised him into His Presence in that form. But He raised him directly into His Presence in the form of light. He raised him up in a living state, in the form of light. Now, in the End Times He is turning him into light and sending him back. His followers know that he is Jesus the Messiah. But his life is at risk at the moment. 
His return may drive some members of the Catholic Church completely crazy. It will drive members of the Vatican mafia crazy. It is something that will spur the Vatican mafia into action. Therefore, since his life is in danger God will conceal him until the last moment. But the Mahdi will create circumstances in which he commands the Islamic world and the Christian world also draws very close to Islam. 
Moshiach will descend from the Temple of the Mount. There will be rabbis there and Islamic scholars. The Pope will be there. The rabbi I spoke to (who visited from Israel) about this said the Pope will be there!
Oktar Babuna: Will that happen after the Ark of the Covenant?
Adnan Oktar: Yes, after the descent. The Ark of the Covenant will be opened. That is the reason for that procession, in any case. They will go up to the Temple of the Mount. It is not a very steep hill. There will be rabbis. The Mahdi will be there. Insha’Allah, I will be beside the Mahdi. I do not miss such encounters. The Pope will be there. They elected him specially for that task. The Pope knows about the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. I underline that – he knows. He knows what to do and how to behave to whom.
Chief rabbis and Islamic scholars will be there on that day. They will be reasonable scholars though, not fanatics. There will not be any fanatics there on that day.
They will descend from the Temple of the Mount. That rusted iron gate will be opened after 4000 years. Nobody has gone through since then. The gate will be opened and they will pass through. And from there to the al-Aqsa Mosque, insha’Allah. Maybe the Knights of the Temple will be there, and Freemasons. The Ark will be brought up. It will contain sacred relics from the time of the Prophet Solomon and the Prophet Moses. It will be the original Ark of the Covenant.
It will be opened up to the accompaniment of expressions of faith, insha’Allah. The Jews will praise God out loud. Who do the Jews believe can open the Ark? Moshiach! Who will open it? The Mahdi. According to the Torah, only Moshiach can open the Ark. Nobody else. It is a sacred relic that has not been found until then. They failed to find the Ark for 4000 years. Then Moshiach found it and brought it. It is impossible for them to deny that. They have to accept that according to the Torah it is Moshiach who will find the Ark.
Then the first stone of the Temple of Solomon will be laid. A piece of manna will be placed alongside it, insha’Allah. A very small piece of manna, the size of a tea spoon, left over from the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) will be put there. After that, the Prophet Jesus will come as Muslims are praying, insha’Allah. It may be a Friday prayer or any morning prayer. The hadiths speak of a morning prayer. The prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come during an unexpected morning prayer with a small number of select followers, no more than 10. He will come trusting in God. Because trust in the system of the Mahdi will have come about by then. He will smile. There will be no need for him to say to the Mahdi, “I am Jesus.” The Mahdi will realize when he sees him, insha’Allah. Believers will also realize. His followers will say, look whom we have brought. Believers will say, ‘Masha’Allah.” That is all. You will see.  The time is close at hand, insha’Allah. 
Our Prophet (saas) says, “When Hazrat Mahdi appears, he will discuss and prove the matters of which he speaks with the Jews on the basis of the Torah. As a result, many Jews will become Muslims.” 


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