How can a suckling baby breathe at the same time?

How can a suckling baby breathe at the same time?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 06th, 2014
Adnan Oktar: Let us discuss a sign leading to faith.
- Babies can breathe as they breastfeed. The reason is that the respiratory tract leading to the lung separates higher up. In other words, it separates higher up than the food tract from the mouth. That means that babies can feed and breathe at the same time. However, they could not speak with such a structure. As they get older and reach the age of speech, 3-3.5 years, the respiratory tract that divided higher up starts descending and reaches the level of the food tract in the mouth. That results in the physical structure needed for speech. However, that structure makes it impossible to eat at the same time as one speaks, as is the case in adults. Because as we swallow a valve seals the top of the respiratory tract.
Adnan Oktar: Do you see the infinite wisdom of God? Everywhere, there are amazing things. Everything is amazing.
When a baby suckles, it needs to breathe at the same time. But it has no need to speak for the time being. The physical structure changes completely when it starts speaking, at 3.5.
Adnan Oktar: The baby has no need to speak because its mother is there. Its mother organizes everything. The baby is perfectly content. The baby places its trust in God. It says, God protect me. I am weak, but You will look after me. Almighty God feeds it milk and causes it to live in its mother’s lap. Because it trusts Him completely.
It is the same with trees. 'O Lord, feed me. I have no feet to move around with. I am too weak,’ it says. And Almighty God feeds it where it stands, with sunlight and soil. The result is a 30-meter tree, that gives hundreds of thousands of fruits and flowers. God dresses it up beautifully in the spring. In winter, Almighty God outs it into a deep sleep. Then they all wake up in the spring. They are adorned with flowers, as it if were a celebration. In winter, they rest. They do not like the cold. They sleep through it all.
There is wisdom wherever you look.

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