Adnan Oktar:If Pakistan wants to fight the Taliban, it must first put an end to Darwinist education

- Following that attack in Peshawar by the Taliban, Pakistan declared that it will again be enforcing the death penalty, which had been suspended. And two terror suspects were then hanged.
Adnan Oktar: They cannot resolve these problems through executions. They can do so only through education. Pakistan provides Darwinist and materialist education. They say in schools that there is no God and our Prophet did not speak the truth. So long as that is the case, they will get nowhere by hanging people. They will only get with love, compassion, affection, the signs leading to faith and the miracles of the Qur’an, and through putting an end to Darwinist materialist education. These people never wonder, ‘Why is God afflicting us like this? Why is He sending this corruption?’ They are living in anguish when they could be living at ease. That means there is something triggering these afflictions. And that is Darwinist materialist education. So long as this persists, troubles will continue to afflict the world. A language that defies God, may He forbid, is employed in schools, and this is happening right across the world. 'There is no God. Darwin was right, you were created by chance,’ they say. These words offend God, and everywhere in the world is afflicted with pain and bloodshed as a result. And the sufferings are getting worse. They must listen to sense and renounce that.
- The CIA issued a statement saying that the killing of terror leaders has just made terror worse. You always say that, ‘One leader will replace another. There needs to be an intellectual struggle.’  
Adnan Oktar: Of course. They killed Osama bin Laden, but that drove them crazier and they are now a thousand times stronger.

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