Ebola Panic in New York

What He Said?What Happened?
In his conversational programs, Mr. Adnan Oktar reminds his viewers that no one can split Turkey up, and if they even tried to do that, they will encounter big trouble, and we would give 77 million martyrs if needed. Also he says that America shouldn’t be racist; otherwise, they will also get hurt and they will have troubles.
Thus, recently America witnessed big protests after a young black man was killed by a police officer. And lastly, the American doctor who went to Africa to treat Ebola patients got ill after he came back to New York, and it was understood that he was carrying the Ebola virus. Just shortly before the doctor was diagnosed with Ebola, he had visited all around New York City, so panic spread.
A9 TV: August 19th, 2014
About the revolt of black people in the US.
ADNAN OKTAR: Look, a state curfew, this is unbelievable. America is shown as the most powerful country of the world but it is on thin ice. It will fly away if you blow on it. Because it doesn’t have a faithful base. They raise their youth as materialists and Darwinists. In the US, it is an obligation to give a Darwinist education. The Protestants try to resist but they are of course oppressed. They have power up to a certain level. So in America irreligiousness is very prevalent. When a person is irreligious, then he has an anarchist spirit. Not all of them but most of them have. So such mercilessness comes out. This is just a rehearsal. If America tries to destroy Turkey, then Allah would give them very big troubles. Remember, I said, ‘They shouldn’t try to split Turkey up, they should give up this aim, Allah may collapse their country on them.  I said, ‘There may be a rebellion, just a simple thing might happen, but it would become a big thing, there may be rebellions everywhere, and America may collapse’. I said, ‘They should give up trying to split Turkey up’. I have just said it. I said, ‘Allah may punish them immediately’. And immediately this happened afterwards.

A9 TV: August 23rd, 2014
ADNAN OKTAR: We would never let a communist state be established in Turkey, nor we would never let them split Turkey up.  America and Europe are slavering because the PKK wants weapon from them. And now, they are being rude. They are seeking a pretext for weapons. They will have heavy weapons against ISIS. Look, ISIS said, ‘We would take all their weapons from their hands, we would come and take all their weapons from their hands’. They would really do that. The real aim of Europe is to give them weapons and to make them use the weapons against Turkey, against our soldiers.
If Europe or America tries to destroy Turkey, the whole of America and Europe, all of them would be collapsed, let me tell you. Not a building, a tiny mountain doesn’t remain after, everywhere turns into desserts, let me tell you.  The Day of Judgment would come, they should pull themselves together. Look, Allah made His first warning to America. I said, 'There would be a big rebellion’. I said, ‘There may be black people rebelling and you cannot handle it’, I just said it. I said, ‘Don’t mess with Turkey, they would be leveled.' They have the power to burn America from end to end. They would destroy every piece of it. They should pull themselves together.
If you mess with Turkey, then Allah would mess with you. If you try to cause trouble in Turkey, then Allah gives trouble to you. They forget the power of Allah. They think that everything is independent. But it is not like that. America is on thin ice. And it can break anytime.

A9 TV: May 5th, 2014
ADNAN OKTAR: America is obsessed about this: ‘I will split Turkey up, I will make it Kurdistan’. We should talk this with America. We can write a detailed letter to America. They should give up their politics on splitting Turkey up. They have decided a hundred years ago, they say, ‘We will split up’. But this time, they will bring trouble only to themselves, may Allah forbid. We should tell America the dimensions of the danger very clearly. And also we should tell them clearly that Turkey is determined and we would never let them split our country up.

A9 TV: July 15th, 2013
(After George Zimmerman, who killed a black teenager in America, was found innocent, thousands of people from many states poured out into the streets and   protested.)
ADNAN OKTAR: Look, I said, ‘You would cause trouble for yourselves’. ‘There may be a black rebellion, and you would be shocked’. I just said it one or two months ago. And there may be a more comprehensive provocation. They may kill a few black people the same way, and they may put the blame on the American government, and they may cause a great rebellion. The American government is a government that hardly stays up. Very difficult. Very dangerous things may happen. Allah makes them pay back the troubles they caused with Darwinism and materialism and it seems like Allah will make them pay.

Sabah: October 25th, 2014

The American doctor who went to Africa to treat Ebola patients, and got ill after he came back to New York, was diagnosed with Ebola. The American doctor, Craig Spencer, was put in quarantine. But just before Spencer was diagnosed with Ebola, he used the subways in New York, he visited Brooklyn a few times and went to  bowling and this caused a panic to spread all around the city. 


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