Our Prophet (pbuh) was very handsome and majestic. These people are drawing themselves in their cartoons

- Daily Cumhuriyet will publish an addition of the assumed caricatures of our Prophet (pbuh) tomorrow in support of Charlie Hebdo magazine. Since this will cause various provocations Cumhuriyet Daily was called not to publish these.
Adnan Oktar: For one thing, that is not a picture of our Prophet (pbuh). The artist has sat down at the mirror and very carefully drawn a picture of himself. I fail to understand where they get the idea it is a picture of our Prophet. If someone sits at a mirror and makes a drawing, the result will be just like a photograph. That person has just drawn himself, in very great detail. That picture has nothing to do with our Prophet.
Our Prophet (pbuh) was super-handsome. He was tall, majestic and broad-shouldered. He had black, arched eyebrows. He had a broad mouth and bright, white teeth. The hadiths refer to those teeth saying, ‘people looking from a distance could see them shining brightly. His teeth were pearly white. His hands were large and his shoulders were broad. The most famous wrestler of the day who was a heavyweight wrestler told our Prophet, ‘If you can beat me, I will believe.’ And our Prophet promptly laid him flat on his back. The wrestler complained that he was not ready. Our Prophet laid him flat on his back once again. There was nothing more to be said. Our Prophet was very strong. He personally took part in battles. The hadiths say that ‘He had the strength of 40 young men.’ Masha’Allah.
My forebear was terribly handsome. Women who saw him immediately fell in love with him and wanted to marry him. When the situation began becoming unwieldy, Almighty God put a stop to our Prophet getting married. However, He made lawful those women who want to give themselves to the Prophet. He made concubines and the like lawful. But He tells him not to get wives beyond these. Our Prophet used to decide to get married very quickly. The Companions say there is a beautiful woman and the Prophet (pbuh) takes a look and says it is all done when he wishes to marry.
My forebear was a real lion. The hypocrites were wracked by envy of his good looks. There are many verses about that. Their envy drove them crazy. Because they were all weak and feeble types. The Messenger of God was very powerful, masha’Allah. May God keep him strong for all time.
These were the things they were most envious of. Their envy drove them crazy. I will talk about the verses on the subject another day. The only thing they envied in our Prophet was his good looks and strength. All women would fall in love with him at a single glance. The wife of his adopted son also fell in love with our Prophet. God sent verses down about this and revealed that he should not conceal this situation that was already known to God. Our Prophet held out against that love right to the end. But Almighty God sent a verse down and said that God knew his and her hearts, and that he could marry her. That drove the hypocrites crazy. The bigots never mention that verse. They do not like reading these verses at all.
These verses are about our Prophet’s (pbuh) irresistible good looks. Some bigots are embarrassed by these verses. But I am proud of my forebear. Well done to him. I congratulate my mother, as well, for loving such a handsome man as by ancestor. She was quite right. She fell in love with our Prophet’s mind, his faith, his grandeur and his good looks. She was quite right about them all. He constantly told Hazrat Zayd (his adopted son) not to divorce until revelation came from Almighty God. But when the revelation came, there is nothing else to do.
Many bigots are reluctant to discuss this or to broach the subject at all. One well-known bigot said that these verses embarrassed him, saying, ‘If we criticize Christians, they will reply with these verses.’ Look how foolish that is. He is ashamed of these verses. Look at their interpretation of the verses we most esteem is very different. These people are all very feeble types.

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