Adnan Oktar’s answer to the question, ‘Are fun and music permissible if one lives by the faith?’

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on February 16th, 2015
ADNAN OKTAR: ‘How is the faith compatible with fun and music?’ one viewer asks. He has failed to realize that in the Qur’an life is meant to be full of joy, and that this world should be like paradise. They regard religion as meaning pain, suffering and misery. They believe that if someone is devout he should have a miserable time. All the beauties of life are part of the faith – music, joy, fun, love and everything. Religion encapsulates all of life and makes them all permissible. There are very few things that are illegitimate and forbidden. But there is no end to things that are lawful. In their eyes, music is sinful, fun is sinful and everything is sinful.
- Because they fail to realize that God is everywhere. They imagine there can be no God in a place where there is music and dancing, may He forbid. God enfolds all places.
ADNAN OKTAR: They believe one cannot think of God while one is having fun. They believe one would have to forget God if one goes to a wedding or a disco. Or that one will forget God if one listens to the radio. They think it is impossible to speak of Allah under those circumstances. They believe one will forget God if one goes dancing and has fun. That is very, very wrong.
- The whole problem is that they are suffering and complaining all the time. But they are also used to it, so they keep on doing it.
- God creates a feeling of joy every day, including when one is dancing or listening to music.
ADNAN OKTAR: They do not believe it. They regard it as incompatible with Islam for a woman to dress well. They believe a woman should have a wretched time and suffer.
- God tells the polytheists, “Let them laugh little and weep much, in repayment for what they have earned.”.
ADNAN OKTAR: All they want is tears and weeping. God says, “Let them laugh little and weep much.” And they are always saying, ‘Let us weep and shed tears.’
Özgecan Aslan was martyred defending her honor and virtue. Because that was jihad, active jihad.
The culture of mourning is so widespread in Turkey! They always want to be mourning. If we let them, they would mourn day and night for years on end, for anything.
- They do nothing to find a solution. They just mourn.
ADNAN OKTAR: Mourning all the time. 
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