Students need to be shown through fossil exhibitions that evolution theory is wrong and life forms never change

Adnan Oktar: See, we are working against Darwinism. A great many people are watching. What does Darwinism mean? Blatant denial of God. What does materialism mean? Blatant denial of God. Materialism is the child of Darwinism. It is born out of it. The essential thing is Darwinism.
- God commands us to “Struggle with them until there is no more mischief and the religion belongs to God alone,” in one verse. You have identified the source, the root of the corruption in the world, Darwinism, and you have been striving against it for years.
Adnan Oktar: We go and visit teachers of theology and say. ‘Darwinism is a grave threat.’ ‘Where did you get that idea from? The Qur’an speaks of Darwinism,’ they say. See, they are in a state of surrender. They seek a system that denies God in the Qur’an. Please! My brother, that is impossible. Darwinism denies God. It says that humans were created by chance out of a bit if mud. It says, ‘Something resembling a worm came into being by chance.’  ‘A microbe emerged first. Then a worm. Your forebear was a microbe, a worm.’ That is the belief in question. How can that be espoused in the Qur’an? God is not going to say, ‘I do not exist.’ May He forbid! God is not going to say, ‘All the prophets lied.’ Darwin says that. And a great many teachers of theology say that Darwin spoke the truth. 
- You have been striving single-handed against Darwinism since you were 23, by printing brochures, masha’Allah.
- When you set out, the level of people who believed in Darwinism in Turkey was very high. But now around 95% of people believe in Creation. Everyone believes in God. Masha’Allah.
Adnan Oktar: Darwinism has been defeated in Turkey through hard work, praise be to God. I worked really hard.
- And Turkey became a more prosperous place after that, insha’Allah!
Adnan Oktar: Of course, prosperity and wealth followed in its wake. If Darwinism were still around in Turkey, God would have destroyed it, may He forbid. God has lifted that scourge from us.
- They have been unable to answer you.
Adnan Oktar: Of course, what answer can there be? We show people more than 600 million fossils. Six hundred million! The number is still growing. But it is forbidden to show fossils in public schools. You should put them on show at the main gate, so students can see them and make up their own minds. They should see creation and that no changes have ever happened.
- Darwinist teachers at Oxford and Cambridge in England are complaining about students reading your books.
Adnan Oktar: They are wringing their hands. They are saying, ‘Students used to be all Darwinists, but they have abandoned it. They now believe in Creation. That is all due to Adnan Oktar.”
- I saw a young person reading one of your books on the London Underground 10 years ago.
Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah.

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