The wickedness and war that people experience in this world are actually a taste of hell

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 24 February 2015
 In the context of hell, we have spoken about their behavior, of the way they push one about and express their regret.
- When people arrive in hell they are asked, ‘Were you not sent a messenger?’  They admit that they were. Then the guardians say; ‘So in that case you deserve what you get. Enter the gates of hell and remain there for all time.’
ADNAN OKTAR: Some people, particularly the young, say, ‘The flames and chains are figments of people’s imaginations.’ But look around you here. There are chains and cages all over the Middle East. This is going on everywhere. People are being burned in cages, bombs rain down from the sky, and millions of people are living in ruins. You say, ‘That does not happen.’ But it is happening in this world! Who is doing it? God. ‘I will do this in the hereafter, too,’ He says. But not all of hell is like that. It is quite various. Some parts are filthy and squalid. There are flames in other parts. Other parts are freezing cold. There is total silence in some parts. The aim is to make people really uncomfortable. It is the same in this world. When you go to the North Pole it is freezing cold. You go somewhere else and it is baking hot. People are literally being cooked alive. Hell is like that. But of course Almighty God uses an arresting kind of language to describe it in the Qur’an. When you see it happening, you will realize it is true. The reality and the description are rather different though. It is the same with the system of the Mahdi. The reality and the descriptions differ. The system of the Mahdi is happening now, but the description is wonderful. For example, our Prophet (pbuh) says. ‘The Mahdi will speak and the whole world will listen.’ People imagine that means he will shout out in a loud voice. Obviously not. They think he will have a very loud, deep voice. It doesn’t matter how deep his voice is, it would still be impossible for everyone to hear it. It obviously refers to TV and the internet.
- Muslims in paradise say, ‘Similar things were shown us in the life of the world, insha’Allah. The people in hell also see similar things. 

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