Evolutionary nonsense that denies the existence of God is taught in schools in Iran, which is supposedly governed according to Shariah law

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on Pleasant Conversations on A9TV on 20 February 2015 
ADNAN OKTAR: Almighty God has created a time in which believers can earn a very great deal of merit. Just think, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Iran all talk about Shariah and Islam. Yet there are museums in those countries that display paleontological evidence, and people say, ‘There is no God.’ There are books, biology text books in Saudi Arabia or Iran. You open them up and from start to finish they say that there is no God. You ask Iran, and they say, ‘We are a Shariah state.’ Don’t lie, you are a communist state. You work hand in hand with communists. You can be friends with them, nothing wrong with that, but you are communists. It is not true that you are governed by Shariah Law. You are misleading people. Be honest. You openly deny God. Where is the Shariah Law in that? You openly deny God. When we staged conferences in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, those people were amazed. “Darwinism is a fact,” they say. Sheikhs and mullahs and religious scholars all say, “Darwinism is a fact.” If you regard it as the truth, then what is that skull cap doing on your head? You espouse a system that denies God. Do you realize what you are doing?  
- I held a conference at the Sheikh Zayyid University in the UAE, as your representative, with medical faculty students and teachers. Students complained to their teachers, saying, “If this is a lie, why are you still teaching it?”
- They were really taken aback. “Is this all true?” they asked. “Yes, it is,” we said. They were stunned.
ADNAN OKTAR: Godless propaganda is being spread all over the place, in all Islamic countries. This is the first time that has happened. This is the first time in the history in the world there has been such a tragedy, and a great many people are currently asleep, 99% of them are asleep in the face of this scourge. Something is said against the Prophet and everyone rises to their feet. But God is being directly denied. Pull yourselves together. Something that will bring the sky down on us is happening. God is being denied in schools. ‘God did not create you, and your ancestors were worms,’ they are told. See, they deny Hazrat Adam (pbuh). ‘That is a lie,’ they say, ‘Your forebear was a worm. You came into being by chance.’ And even though this is happening in the Islamic world, 99% of Muslims are unaware of it. They talk about these and teach it, but are unaware of what they are advocating. You are denying God when you teach Darwinism. You are saying. ‘The Prophet lied, and God does not exist,’ may He forbid.
- Dawkins says that Charles Darwin made it possible to be an intellectual atheist.
ADNAN OKTAR: “Charles Darwin made it possible to be an intellectual atheist.” That is how they created atheism across the world. For example, you have mullahs and teachers in Islamic countries who are atheists and Darwinists, but they themselves do not realize that is what they are. “Of course that is true. It is what the Qur’an says,” they say.
- Fethullah Gulen says, “Darwin’s theory defeated me. But then someone appeared and wrote books, and that rescued me again.”  
ADNAN OKTAR: “I had been devastated,” Fethullah Hodja says. “And the young people around me had been devastated.” “Darwinism ruined us,” he says. Then, “may God bless the writer, hundreds of books appeared. You cannot imagine how much I rejoiced.” But Fethullah Hodja does not say who wrote those books. That is secret.
- There is only one person [whom he might be talking about.]
- Everybody knows.


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