Adnan Oktar Says 2012-10-07

A9 TV; October 7th, 2012

  • We feel compassion towards those communists, we consider the best for them as well. 
  • Islam is a shool of love, a school of the lovers. It is the religion by which love is experienced in the most beautiful form. 
  • The Qur'an teaches us how to use this world. The world will be ruined when the commands of the Qur'an are not implemented. 
  • Both territorial and maritime blockade should be implemented in Syria. 
  • There is no command in the Qur'an that would conflict with reason and the good conscience of people. 
  • Bediuzzaman says that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will ally with devout Christians. 
  • According to the hadith records loving women is a part of the morality of the prophets. 
  • By calling made-up statement "hadiths", they are slandering our Prophet (saas). 
  • In bigots there is a gruesome hatred towards women. According to the belief of the bigots; women are short of religion and of reason. 
  • By infiltrating beliefs that do not really exist into Islam, they are alienating people from religion. 
  • There is no compulsion in religion. No one can be forced to perform prayers, fast and give alms. Those can only be done most sincerely and willingly. 
  • Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will abolish all those made-up commands derived afterwards. 


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