Skepticism prevails in today's society

Skepticism prevails in today's society
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Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 18th, 2012

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ADNAN OKTAR: "Societies and people are not able to talk to each other comfortably. People are very touchy and inclined to infer different meanings from things. Friendships are transient. How can people overcome this Master and how should such people be treated? "
".. people are not able to talk to each other comfortably.." Well, that is because that person's face is the face of a human being yet his soul is a monster. One approaches the other with well intentions, with compassion and that one pulls such a trick and persecutes him in such a way that it is indescribable. Or this one says "how are you? Are you okay? I've seen you well," with very good intentions yet the other says; "Well, he said such a thing to me, he said 'I've seen you well!' to me!" And he makes such outrageous comments upon that; "He said; "I've seen you well!" and he said this to me so as to imply that I am drunk! He said it to mean "you are stoned!" Well, what does it have to do with it? He just asks you how you are and if you are fine and he says that he has seen you well, so what is the problem with that? Because an evil skepticism prevails, even the most friendly, the most endearing manners are attributed to evil feelings by many people. That is why people try to speak as few as possible. They try to minimize their speaking and evade. They even avoid looking anyone in the eye. Do you ever see anyone outside who looks another in the eye while talking?
DIDEM RAHVANCI: That is very true Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: That is something very rare. They never look another in the eye. And they are very careful to minimize their talks, with the minimum words and only as much as they can do what they want. For instance if one wants to buy a sesame ring he would just say; "How much is this, my brother? Take your Money and give it to me." That is it. If they want to buy a dress, "how much is this? Take this," and the matter is all over. However Allah has created us to love each other. He created us to love the whole universe. He created us to love animals and the plants. Before all else Allah wants us to love Him. "People are very touchy.." That is because some people disgracefully make innuendos, they are insincere and they lack good conscience. So they feel fear, they never know which of the things said are innuendos and which are friendly. For instance the man writes an article for the newspaper and in his own way he makes innuendos. Something happens and he says allusive words, for instance he puts an exclamation mark in the end. For instance he says; "that is very nice" and then puts an exclamation mark and the other one gets offended saying "who knows what he means."
 ".. and inclined to infer different meanings from things." Because human intelligence is a sophisticated intelligence if one does not have fear of Allah, if one does not love Allah, that person would be under the influence of the satan anyway. And once that person gets under the influence of the satan he/she would most probably engage in abnormal behavior. Take a look at the Facebook. For instance they see a very beautiful woman and I look at the comments under the photo, people with the mindset of a Muslim would be write their comments in an admiring tone but those with an evil mindset would have rage and hatred inside. In fact one should not feel rage towards beauty, beauty should be appreciated but they approach with hatred. That foreign actress came from abroad, Angelina Jolie.. She is the sweetest of the World, she is really beautiful. And these people accused her of being an agent and some other things.. The only thing they didn't accuse her of was being a murderer. They pictured her dipping her fingers in blood and painting her lips with it. Is she someone like that? She is a mother, she has children. She is such an immaculate person. She came to Turkey showing compassion to the refugees of Syria and she went to Pakistan showing compassion to the sufferers of natural disasters. She is a woman who devoted herself to goodness and beauty. You should appreciate her my brother, look at her with lovingly, how could something like that be said to a person who is a guest in your country? What a humiliating thing this is, what a weird, what a bad attitude this is.There may be some people who do such things out of ignorance, out of their lack of knowledge. And such people should also pull themselves together. For instance look at my dear one here, she is a non-Muslim, she is Christian but she is the sweetest of the World, she is such a radiant person, she is such a beautiful being. She is such a beautiful Manifestation of Allah. Someone looking at her with the eyes of an unbeliever, with jealousy might say inconceivable things but I am looking at her with loving eyes so I feel an admiration, I am greatly pleased with her being, I like her a lot and I appreciate her, I want to be with her in this World and in the Hereafter, I would want her to be even better, I would want her to find abundance in her life, I would want her life to be high-class, joyous and merry. But let us say that you ask about her to a woman, to a woman who feels jealousy for instance she acts as if she can almost kill her, such people are full of hatred. And that is the result of darwinist, materialist education. This wouldn't be the case if people had been brought up with love, this wouldn't have happened if they had targetted love. We should target to attain a fervent love. Love is in our nature anyway; we've been created to love and to be loved. We always are in search of this. However, women are already defenseless beings, those beloved ones of mine, the shyness they feel is natural. They might hesitate thinking that the other might do harm to her, that is because their tone is not that strong and the other side is sometimes an animalistic man in the street or elsewhere let us say.. The woman would of course behave timid, what else can she do? For instance the other side says something but it feels as if he/she is allusive, he/she is not being honest. Or else if an honest person approaches an honest woman there would of course be an honest, affectionate environment. But in this case the other party is sinister, it is understood from his face, a woman would of course be leery of that.  Or it might be the other way round as well. Sometimes the woman might be the sinister party and the man might be the well intentioned one. 
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