Big Evolution Debate

Darwinism Debate in Paris (Dr Oktar Babuna) 28 Oct 2012

Big Evolution Debate 2012-10-28

Symposium under the title "Big Evolution Debate" was organized in Paris on 28th October 2012. Astrophysicist Nidhal Guessoum and philosopher Jean Staune supported Darwinism, while Dr Oktar Babuna (Harun Yahya organization) and scientist Dominique Tassot provided the scientific information for fallacies of Darwinism. The event has been great victory on behalf of the Creationists.

Fossil Exhibition by Harun Yahya organization was also available during the event, and paleontologist Prof. Marc Godinot was extremely surprised and speechless, and he could not have any objections for the fossil evidences provided.


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