In the face of Islamophobia, Muslim countries should advocate the true Islam, Islam as it was lived at the time of the Companions

In the face of Islamophobia, Muslim countries should advocate the true Islam, Islam as it was lived at the time of the Companions

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 18th, 2012

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ADNAN OKTAR: Islamophobia.. What is this? Is it because they are afraid of Islam, that they feel uneasy about Islam?
DIDEM URER: Yes Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: Well, now there is a wrong point about that. There is one Islam that the Companions have lived by, the understanding of Islam that we've been talking about, that we have been explaining.  That is Paradise, that is a beauty. That the adornment of this world. This is the understanding of love, the understanding of compassion, the understanding of friendship which embraces the whole world. Well, how about the understanding of Islam which is commonly known, one that is explained by the bigots, the alleged Islam- which in fact has nothing to do with Islam? Is it not something that would make these people afraid? That is something that would not only make them afraid and but make them quake with fear. There is misogyny, there is lack of love, there is killing people for almost anything, there is injuring people by beating, there is lack of trust in general towards people, there is hatred towards Jews, there is hatred towards Christians, there is hatred towards irreligious and atheists. But what kind of hatred is this? It is in the sense of persecution. Well then, what is this? What is it to you? Allah has created that one as a Christian, Allah has created this one as a Jew, Allah has created the other one as an atheist, and the other irreligious- well those two are almost the same anyway. Or it might be that one believes in Allah but not in religion or sometimes they get confused and say "I do not believe in Allah but I believe in religion!" They represent a complex structure, something weird. However it is working for them. Well, if you say that you believe in Allah, you should believe in religion anyway, how can that be without religion? I mean you would thus be claiming that Allah has no connection with people.
One believes in religion and says ;"religion is very nice but I cannot believe in Allah." That is another form of madness, abnormality. I mean you see that the man lives religion but when asked he is irreligious, I mean he is Godless, he does not believe in Allah, yet he accepts the commands of the religion. There are those who perform prayers, there is such a person. A Maoist, famous person, he does not believe in Allah, he openly says that he does not believe in Allah. But he says that he performs his prayers, he says "I never miss a prayer time." We have the pictures of this person, I can show you those if you like. That is such a weird situation. But of course one should be compassionate towards everyone, towards every belief. I mean all should be approached compassionately. It is possible to have people live as brothers in a world without wars, without shedding blood, without making scenes, without hurting anyone. And this is only possible with the Unity of Islam. It can only be possible with Islam being implemented in the exact way the Companions did. It is bigotry that Europe is afraid of. And bigotry is widely common. These people are right to be afraid according to their mindset. I mean they have justified reasons to be leery of. The others keep saying "we will hunt you down, we will hang you." They say;" I will chop up the Alewites, I will chop up the Bektashis, I will chop up the Jaferites and   Wahhabis." What does "I will chop them up!" mean? Is this not an open threat. I mean this one says; "If I am given the opportunity I will do this!" So they say "then, before you are given any such opportunity, I should neutralize you." This is the ignominy that has occurred. Therefore there is nothing to misunderstand about this. The governments should pronounce the name of bigotry in the face of this abnormality. Islamic governments or the administrators in the Islamic countries or the seniors, or whoever there is to react, should do this; they should say; "My brother, we are against bigotry," and say;" this is what bigotry means.. "  and give an explanation. They should say; "We advocate the Islam in the time of the Companions, the Islam of love, the real Islam." The name of the other side should be pronounced [as bigots]. And then we would assume an attitude against that "bigot"ophobia as well. There is no Islamophobia but there is bigot-ophobia, insha'Allah.  And they are right. We are in alliance with them regarding bigot-ophobia. We will of course assume an attitude against them altogether. This should be put forth. But if you bigots under your wings saying "what is the fault of bigots?" you would end up being a liar. These bigots say openly say that they will "chop-up" they say "I will hunt them down", they do not deny it anyway. They pose for the cameras with the sword in their hands. They chop people up and take picture of it and publish it over the internet saying; "have a look at this, this is how I will make them." The man has lined the skulls proudly in order and he says; "this is how I will hunt you down." And he thus is saying; " this is what I can do with the limited means I have right now, you think about what I can do I am given better means." They were burning Muslims alive in Africa, piling them up in a well, they were burning people with bushes. These poor people were trying to escape yet they pushed them back inside that pit by kicking them in the face and throw burning bushes over him and he claims that he is doing all these in the Name of Allah. When asked he says; "I am a God-fearing Muslim as you see." And the other bigots advocate them gruntingly. There is a danger of bigots and that is a grave scourge. The whole Islamic world should take their places in the side of the system of the Mahdi. If they do not take their side with the system of the Mahdi, they would thus be accepting bigotry, radicalism. In this stance you would be standing against a rightful opposition with a wrongful method. These people are right, they are right to refrain, they are telling the truth and you stand up and say; "well, where do you come up with such ideas, why are you thinking like this?" The man is waiting with a sword in his hand saying that " I will hunt you down!" What should they do? This should be arranged and put right. The real Islam should be communicated to people and those who advocate the real Islam should come together and that can only happen through the system of the Mahdi and with allegiance to the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh). We should ask Allah to show us the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh), we should ask Allah to see the Mahdi and to become a student of the Mahdi (pbuh).
DIDEM URER: Insha'Allah Master.           
2012-10-14 21:10:00 


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