Land and naval blockade should be imposed to Syria

Land and naval blockade should be imposed to Syria

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Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated October 15th, 2012
ADNAN OKTAR: The only thing to do is to impose a naval blockade and a land blockade should be imposed as well. That would have a very positive psychological effect. That would be good for the government to withdraw and for Al-Assad's security of life to be preserved. For instance that new ones in force should say that they are at the side of Al-Assad and that they will protect him. Then his heart will be extremely at ease. Right? He can get into a helicopter and flee so that he will save his life. Or let them land on the place that he is in with 5-10 helicopters, by that they will have a military landing  and take him away from there. He should be very uncomfortable with the gang there, he is being held as a captive in their hands.
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