Allah likes love, not bloodshed

Allah likes love, not bloodshed

ADNAN OKTAR:  Actually peace, amenity, kindness and love are all very easy but some people present them as if they were very chaotic and complicated things. The bigot lot assumes that the religion will prevail by cursing, by attacking, by insulting, by persecuting women, by making people unhappy, by oppressing people and they assume that Allah would like those attitudes. Yet Allah does not want people to be oppressed; Almighty Allah says [I seek refuge with Allah from the satan] "What will Allah do with your torment?" And these idiots presume that the they oppress women, the more they torment them, the more restrictions they put on their freedom, the more they disturb people, the more they talk smut, the more they curse, the more blood they shed; the more Allah will like them. In fact Allah always demands peace, He always wants peace. Ever since the incident between Abel and Cane, people have the spirit of war, the spirit of shedding blood. Allah regards bloodshed to be satanic. Allah takes peace as a basis. Shedding blood with no right reason is a grave persecution, it is cruelty. Such people cannot get into the Paradise. Those who curse, those who talk smut, those who are aggressive, those who present hatred to people, those who do not love people should forget about the Paradise insha'Allah, by the Will of Allah. Paradise is the abode of love, it is the abode of affection, it is the abode of beauty. Allah creates us for love. Love is the thing Allah likes the most. It is love that stems from sincerity; that stems from reason and faith. The ultimate goal of faith is again love. Satan attempts to make people forget love and reinforce hatred among them and drives people into the most unfavorable feeling. For instance women start hating other women, youngsters start hating youngsters, or women start feeling hatred towards men, and men towards women mutually. That is a plot of the satan and no one should be deceived by this plot. Allah wants love in the Paradise. We will love the trees, plants, children, the youngsters of the Paradise, we will love the houris, right? We will love our spouses, we will love our spouses from this world. Everything that is good and beautiful will be there in Paradise. Fruits, trees, plants, furniture.. love is the real thing asked for in everything. When we look at them there will be love. That is what Allah likes, that is what Allah is pleased with. That is the reason why there is a saying that states; "let us love and be loved, this world will not be remain with anyone."  The original of everything is in the Paradise. This world is transient; it is the abode of trial. It is a place like a transient course. That is a course in which we learn about love. It is the school of love. Here we learn about the truth of love and after that Allah wants us to live that love for all eternity. Those who go there without learning about love, since they wouldn't be able to live love without understanding it in the first place, they should go through this trial in any case.     
It is war that is actually difficult. It is the fight that is difficult. We tell those people that the whole world will become brothers and they say; "could something like that happen?" Well, isn't fighting harder? Is chopping up people, slaughtering people, leaving them in a welter of blood, bombing them, ignominy, insulting and cursing easier, or is love, compassion, mercy, friendship and companionship easier? And these people say; "what a difficult thing you are asking for!" It is the satan that makes them see it difficult. In fact it is really easy, we are telling them the easiest thing.
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