Darwinism is a State Policy for Communist Leaders

Darwinism is a State Policy for Communist Leaders
Communism, without doubt the most harmful ideology of the 20th century, was founded by two German philosophers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Reaching its historic peak in the 19th century, it shed far more blood worldwide than the genocides of the Nazis and imperialist states. It massacred innocents, spreading violence, fear and despair. No matter if communism is regarded as having collapsed in 1991, it has left its wreckage behind. The darkness of communism and Marxism, and the materialist philosophy that averts people from religious moral values continue to influence those societies where communism once reigned supreme.

The Origin of Species
This ideology, which spread terror across the world in the 20th century, actually embodied an idea that's been around since ancient times—materialist philosophy, which regarded matter as the sole absolute. Communism, building on that philosophy, entered the world agenda in the 19th century. Marx and Engels, communism's intellectual fathers, sought to describe materialist philosophy by means of a new method known as "dialectics," the assumption that all progress in the universe was obtained as the result of conflict. Based on that hypothesis, Marx and Engels attempted to interpret all of world history. Marx claimed that the history of mankind was one of conflict, that the present conflict was that taking place between workers and capitalists, and that the workers would soon rise up and carry out a communist revolution.
The earliest founders of communism, like all materialists, harbored a deep hostility towards belief in God. Marx and Engels, both dyed-in-the-wool atheists, thought that for communism to succeed, it was essential for religious faith to be eradicated. However, Marx and Engels were lacking one element; they needed to give their ideology a scientific appearance in order to influence wide masses of people. At that point was born the deadly alliance that led to so much suffering, chaos, mass slaughter, and fighting and separatism that erupted in the 20th century. The main claims proposed by Darwin in his book The Origin of Species were just what Marx and Engels were looking for. Darwin maintained that living things emerged as the result of a "fight for life"— in other words, through a "dialectical conflict." Furthermore, he had rejected religious beliefs by rejecting creation. This was an opportunity that Marx and Engels couldn't miss.
So great was Darwinism's importance to communism that as soon as Darwin's book was first published, Engels wrote to Marx, "Darwin, whom I am just now reading, is splendid."23 In his reply on 19 December, 1860, Marx wrote, "This book contains the basis in nature for our view."24 On 16 January 1861, in a letter to another socialist, his friend Ferdinand Lassalle, Marx wrote, "Darwin's work is most important and suits my purpose in that it provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle"25 again emphasizing Darwinism's importance  for communism.
Marx demonstrated his admiration towards Darwin by dedicating his most important work, Das Kapital, to him. He penned these words in the German edition of the book: "To Charles Darwin, from Karl Marx, a true admirer."26
Engels expressed his admiration for Darwin elsewhere: "Nature operates not as metaphysics, but as dialectic. In that regard, the name of Charles Darwin must be remembered above all others."27
Engels praised Darwin in a manner comparable to Marx, saying, "In the same way that Darwin discovered the universal law in organic nature, so Marx discovered the universal law in the history of mankind."28 The connection between Darwinism and Marxism is a fact accepted by everyone today. Even in biographies of Marx, this connection is emphasized. One biography of him describes the link in these terms: "Darwinism presented a whole string of truths supporting Marxism and proving and developing the truth of it. The spread of Darwinist evolutionary ideas created a fertile ground for Marxist ideas as a whole to be taken on board by the working class… Marx, Engels, and Lenin attached great value to the ideas of Darwin and pointed to their scientific importance, and in this way the spread of these ideas was accelerated."29
Mao, one of the bloodiest murderers in history, was also a confirmed Darwinist. As a result of Mao's commands, some 10 million people were killed directly, while another 20 million who refused to obey him died in prisons. Mao describes the philosophical basis on which he built this order this way: "The foundation of Chinese socialism rests upon Darwin and the Theory of Evolution."30
Being a Marxist and an atheist and a firm believer in evolutionism himself, Mao mandated that the reading material used in this early day 'Great Leap Forward' in literacy would be the writings of Charles Darwin and other materials supportive of the evolution paradigm.31 When the Chinese communists seized power in the 1950s, they adopted the theory of evolution as the foundation of their ideology. But in fact, Chinese intellectuals had already adopted it long before that: "During the 19th century, the West regarded China as a sleeping giant, isolated and mired in ancient traditions. Few Europeans realized how avidly Chinese intellectuals seized on Darwinian evolutionary ideas and saw in them a hopeful impetus for progress and change. According to the Chinese writer Hu Shih, when Thomas Huxley's book Evolution and Ethics was published in 1898, it was immediately acclaimed and accepted by Chinese intellectuals. Rich men sponsored cheap Chinese editions so they could be widely distributed to the masses."32

Communist ideology, which caused so much bloodshed over the last century or so, was always closely linked to Darwinism. Even today, communists are among the main proponents of Darwinism. When one examines the most determined adherents of Darwinism in almost any nation, one inevitably sees Marxists at the forefront. That is because--as Karl Marx said--the theory of evolution represents the basis of communist ideology and provides significant, albeit false, "scientific" backing for communist atheism.
All these facts go to underscore the enormous error made by those who exhibit a passive and defeatist attitude in the face of Darwinism and either ignore or underestimate the intellectual struggle against this perverted theory. Those who imagine Darwinism as harmless must not forget that they are faced with a theory that all Marxist ideologists fiercely supported, the cornerstone of communist ideology. The easiest way for those who try to reconcile Islam with the theory of evolution, constantly espoused by Marxist, Leninist and Maoist publications and referred to by such leaders, to see how seriously they have been misled is to keep their eyes open to the true face of the theory.

Darwinist Communism's Cost in Human Suffering

Terrorists who adopted the Darwinist-materialist worldview sought shelter up in the mountains, like the animals they imagined their "primitive" forerunners to have been, and lived in caves under squalid conditions. They were quite capable of murdering babies, the elderly and the innocent without a moment's thought. Since they did not regard themselves or other humans as beings with a soul, mind, conscience and understanding created by God, they treated them—and one another—just like animals. The resulting cost in suffering is summarized as follows in The Black Book of Communism:
International Communist Movement and communist parties not in power: around 10,000 dead
The total of dead approaches 100 million.33
Latin America: 150,000 dead
Eastern Europe: 1 million dead
Vietnam:    1 million dead
Afghanistan: 1.5 million dead
Africa: 1.7 million dead
Cambodia: 2 million dead
North Korea: 2 million dead
USSR: 20 million dead
China: 65 million dead
Communism and materialism's hostility toward religion revealed itself in its full intensity during and after the Bolshevik Revolution. Stalin ordered dozens of churches and mosques torn down, a sign of communism's hatred of religion. Although the great majority of the Russian population was religious, they were prevented from fulfilling their observances. The tradition of a common holiday on Sundays, when Christians attend church, was abandoned. Everyone was to work for five days, resting on any of the other days of the week. By 1936, 65% of the mosques and 70% of the churches had been demolished. In 1967, Enver Hodja, the communist leader of Albania who was renowned for his atheism, declared Albania to be the world's first religion-free state.
Clergymen were arrested for no reason, and some were killed while in detention. In 1948 two bishops and 5,000 clergy were executed. Muslims were being murdered in the same way. The country's daily Nendori announced that a total of 2,169 mosques and churches, 327 of them Catholic places of worship, had been closed.
Today, dialectical materialism and communism may seem to have collapsed. Yet that is misleading, because in a cunning manner, the same ideology is continuing its activities under different names in a great many countries of the world, and is even organizing terrorist actions in Turkey. Materialism is active in secret, and rational people of good conscience must not relax their guard. The intellectual struggle against these dangerous ideologies and against their foundation, Darwinism, is essential.


The Intellectual Struggle Against Darwinism


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