Communism and Capitalism are two sons of Darwinism

Communism and Capitalism are two sons of Darwinism


Communism was applied in Russia. And China. People were not happy when communism was applied in Russia. They suffered terribly, unbearably. There killed en masse, exiled and ruined. Is that right? Yes. Communities ceased being human in China. People are still being treated worse than animals. They make married couples live in just 1.5-2 square meters. That misery and wretchedness has never been seen before.

- North Korea is currently the Asian country with the worst starvation.

- You see? Why do you think communism would be salvation? Salvation lies in Islamic Unity and the system of the Mahdi. Karl Marx was a Jew. He came from rabbinic families on his mother’s and father’s sides. He was a devout Jew. He was brought up to read the Torah all the time. The Messiah, Moshiach or Shiloh is praised and described at length in the Torah. The Torah describes how there will be peace at that time. It says there will be brotherhood, an end to wars and weapons, how goods will be divided equally, how wonderful social justice will be ushered in and how the world will be a happy. A happy world in which social justice reigns. And Almighty God tells the Mahdi in the Torah will do this through the might of God. The Jews have been awaiting the Mahdi for 4000 years. Muslims have been awaiting the Mahdi for 1400 years. Karl Marx saw how great the Mahdi described in the Torah is. He saw the glorious beauty of the system of the Mahdi. A heavenly system. He then decided to appear as a messiah himself. He decided to appear himself because he had lost hope in the coming of the Mahdi. Since he was a Darwinist and a materialist he could not appear as a religious figure. So he decided to establish an irreligious system of the Mahdi. And God turned that into the system of the antichrist. And that system ruined people. It inflicted irreparable pain and suffering.

So, my viewer brother, recommending disaster as a solution is no good.

Who praises savage capitalism? Capitalism is one of the two sons of Darwinism. One is savage capitalism and the other is communism. Therefore, in seeking to help people out of the frying pan they want to lead them into the fire instead. We want neither frying pan nor fire. We call people to Islam, to paradise, to Islamic Unity.
(to the viewer) Think about these words. They have never looked at matters from that perspective. They propose communism as an alternative to savage capitalism. They give the impression there is no alternative to these two paths. But there is a third way. You cannot see that there is a third way apart from the frying pan and the fire. The true path, the way of Allah. Islam, the system of the Mahdi. Anyone turning to that path will find ease and salvation. ‘Sırat al-Mustaqeem, the right path, the unseverable thread of Allah. When you come to the way of the system of the Mahdi, of the Qur’an, to the true path, you will live a paradise on earth. There will be abundance in the hereafter and this world. Insha’Allah.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 08th, 2013


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