Fanaticism and Lack of quality are grave dangers

Fanaticism and Lack of quality are grave dangers

(Photo Credit: Playing With God: Terry Jones, Christian Radicalism and 15 Minutes of Fame
December 8th, 2012; A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Unless a quality society, a quality life exists, the world will not embrace Islam. In the absence of music, the arts, sculptures, quality people, quality life, compliments, gestures, a pleasing environment,  beautiful architecture, democracy, freedom of thought, people who have fun and joy, indeed we can go on citing these, the world will not embrace Islam. And in no way will the Unity of Islam  come into existence. This was the reason why Allah demolished the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire collapsed simply of this. All these [cited above] exist in the system of Mahdi. For this reason Islam will reign throughout the world. Otherwise it is in no way acceptable. That is, Europe will not accept it. The model of Afghanistan, the model of Iran are very irritating. People would feel annoyed with it. It has nothing to do with Islam and the Qur'an. This is a system of their own mindset.

A9 TV; December 9th,   2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Lack of quality is prevalent in all of Asia and the Middle East. It is very widespread and due to that lack of quality they are being oppressed. Indeed, they say they are Muslims but they don’t take pride in this. May Allah forbid, most of them feel ashamed of it. This stems from lack of quality. Quality must improve in all Islamic countries.

Fanaticism and lack of quality are great threats, lovelessness is a great threat. Music is an indispensable blessing in Europe. There is music in Europe. There is music in Asia but because some Muslim brothers consider it unlawful, it can not improve. Architecture did not prosper, because some were against them. High buildings, richly-decorated buildings were not acceptable. Painting was already not acceptable, and so was sculpture. They also do not want science. They don't want these. They also do not want love. And then of course defeat follows, because some people hate them. And in return poor, innocent Muslims are oppressed and a tremendous violence encloses the world. As you know, our beloved ones were martyred in Arakan but nobody cares about it. Even if all of them are killed, nobody cares about it because they consider them as people with no quality. That is why it is vital for Muslims to become very quality people in a very short time. They must consider quality as a priority. It is very important for them to attach importance to science, arts and love and be peaceful. 


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