Diatoms are another example of God’s creative artistry

‘Diatoms’ are another example of God’s creative artistry

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 27th, 2014
- ‘Diatoms’ are another example of God’s creative artistry. Algae that make photosynthesis, in other words. They make it possible for there to be oxygen on earth. There are 25,000 types of diatom. There are around 10,000 in every cubic centimeter of water, and their shells all differ, in the same was as snowflakes do.
Adnan Oktar: Their shells are all different. There are 10,000 in every cubic centimeter of water. Now imagine how much water there is in the seas. Trillions of trillions of pieces of art. Each one is shaped like a palace. Do we have any pictures? They resemble lovely gems, and none resembles any other. Beauty upon beauty.
- It is the same with snowflakes. The golden ratio is present in all the quadrillions of quadrillions of snowflakes that have ever fallen.
Adnan Oktar: The golden ratio is also present in diatoms. And they are all so beautiful.
- There are 350 million different flakes in a cubic meter of snow.
Adnan Oktar: And no two are the same.
- All the scientists in the world could not come together and produce the photosynthesis that diatoms make.
Adnan Oktar: Scientists cannot manage it, but that tiny little entity can.
- Let us see the pictures.
Adnan Oktar: Do you see the decorative beauty? Each one is like a garden of paradise, and they are all different. There are quadrillions upon quadrillions of them in the sea.
- When backed into a corner by their illogicalities and impossibilities, Richard Dawkins and other evolutionists have started saying that they do not really mean to say chance at all.
Adnan Oktar:  We are not speaking of coincidence, they say. But when you ask them what they do mean, they say ‘chance.’ Basically, they are saying, ‘Nothing can be the work of chance.’
- Just as you say, evolutionists in Turkey also say they mean ‘randomness, rather than chance.’
Adnan Oktar:  'It is completely random. The word chance lever left our lips. We would never say anything so illogical,’ they are saying. If you push them a little harder they will say, ‘We realize. Space creatures might have done it.’ Ask them how the space creatures came into being, and they say they have no idea.
- You have been instrumental in repairing the Darwinist damage in Turkey. You have made Turkey healthy with the millions of books handed out and the conferences held. An important communist thinker in Turkey said, ‘Harun Yahya [Adnan Oktar] is the reason why the present government in Turkey is in power.’  
Adnan Oktar: Because philosophy is very important. There needs to be a philosophical basis for a devout government to be in power. I established that philosophy. I strengthened the hand of the administration to an unbelievable extent.
- Claims about missing links have come to an end. The latest was 'IDA-ARDI' in 2010. You said the fossil belonged to a lemur. The entire media had to apologize. They had to admit that IDA was not a forebear of man. There has been no such subsequent claim.
Adnan Oktar: In other words, they said, ‘We will make no more guesses.’
- There was an admission in all the newspapers only yesterday, Mr. Oktar. You had previously said that the Taung skull was not human. They have now admitted as much.
Adnan Oktar: Which papers was that in?
- Sabah and Habertürk carried reports about the collapse of evolution.
Adnan Oktar: It is collapsing, it has already collapsed.

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