Sunday, September 7, 2014

The moral virtue in Anatolia is a model of humanity for the world

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 27th, 2014
There is currently a climate of peace in Turkey. They used to say that if the head scarf was allowed, there would be people wearing it everywhere. Then they saw that no such thing happened. Life carries on as normal. Some refused to have any dealings with the president’s wife because she wore the headscarf. They refused to shake the hand of the wife of the prime minister because she wore the headscarf. They refused to say hello or to go to places where she would be. We went through some horrible times, in other words. But there is a relaxed atmosphere on that subject in Turkey now. Ladies with the head scarf and those without are both respected. That is good.
The important thing is to abide by the spirit of the nation. The Turkish nation has a traditional warm spirit of brotherhood and friendship. A relative of Prime Minister Davutoğlu addressed him as ‘My son, Ahmet.’ The expression of love on her face was beautiful. That was a lovely thing to say, expressing the cleanliness and innocence of a child. That is how our people are. That is the mentality that is in power now. The alleged Ergenekon terror organization despised and oppressed a very large part of our nation. But now there is warmth and beauty. However, we must still be careful that fanaticism does not infiltrate us. The warmth and love of Anatolia is a different matter. But they may manage to squeeze a bit of fanaticism in. If they are on their guard against that, then the pure moral virtue of Anatolia is a good model for the world. The pure, clean moral virtue in Anatolia, its conception of love and altruism and brotherhood, is a perfect model of humanity for Europe and Japan and everywhere. It is a model that the whole world will hugely admire. By the will of God, the moral virtue of Anatolia has never been spoiled God. They never managed to spoil it in the Southeast with the PKK. They are all devout, kind, polite and respectful people. We see all their immaculate nature and sweetness on the television. God has preserved them. The presence of the TV has not spoiled them in any way. Various press organizations have also failed to spoil them. Because one can now watch anywhere in the world. Anatolia has preserved its purity and nobility. That has happened for a reason, otherwise it would have been spoiled. But God did not allow it. He preserved this community as a model for the world. That model of virtue will now prevail across the world. An ethical ready-made model that everyone abides by.

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