Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The salvation of the Islamic world will come about through Turkey, where the followers of the Mahdi (pbuh) are in power

The salvation of the Islamic world will come about through Turkey, where the followers of the Mahdi (pbuh) are in power

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 02nd, 2014
Turkey has a spiritual aspect. Prime Minister Davutoğlu is a very nice man. He brings peace wherever he goes. Wherever he goes, weeping people cling to him. He is a very loving man because he was raised as an orphan. He loves people and weeps with them. There is a fecundity in his tears. May God not cause him to weep. May He make him smile, instead.
- The new policy that Turkey will follow in the Middle East in this new term means the building of brotherhood between Muslim communities out of a conception that supersedes the various sects.
Adnan Oktar: What is another name for that? The system of the Mahdi. The followers of the Mahdi are in power. Radiant beings are in power. That is why they can never be defeated. The core team numbers no more than 12 people. God will not let them be overcome. Anyone else would already have failed 100 times by now. There is a fecundity, a divine protection. Special protection.
- Our forestry minister generally shares signs leading to faith on that web site.
Adnan Oktar: That will lead to fecundity. God’s mercy will be upon him. Even a very minor-looking endeavor is valuable in the Sight of God. A single world of remembrance of God brings fecundity and well-being with it. A light has come down on our nation. Bediuzzaman also describes the Turkish nation as ‘a devout nation and heroic army.’
- Prime Minister Davutoğlu said in his speech; “The AKP has put an end to 30 years of brother fighting against brother. No force can divide Turkey down sectarian lines. We want peace, not only in our country, but in all neighboring countries, too. The Middle East and the Caucasus are on fire. But there is an island of peace in that sea of fire. We will never turn back from the path of peace.
Adnan Oktar: Excellent. What he says is exactly right, of course. The whole world is engulfed in flames. They see a hope of salvation in Turkey. All the countries of the Middle East will be ruined unless we stand up strongly and intelligently, may God forbid. The Islamic world is currently unable to think right on many issues. They have surrendered to an orthodox conception of Islam and are being ruined by it. Europe and America have turned in on themselves and are just watching the scenes of horror in the Islamic world. Salvation will come from Turkey.

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