To use up the stockpiles of the arms industry, the world objects to educating ISIS with the Qur’an

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 11, 12, 13th, 2014
Presenter: Obama announced their strategy for fighting ISIS. He said that would be different than the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan and American forces would not get involved in confrontation abroad. He announced they would reinforce allies’ forces and utilize air strikes for eradicating ISIS decidedly.
Adnan Oktar: Now, do you see what this means? The arms factories of the United States are manufacturing bombs and missiles continually, and they are stockpiling these; after a while their warehouses are full and production has to stop. The arms industry is the main source of America’s income. This arises the need for men and regions to bomb.
They will throw hundreds of thousands of bombs from above, and they will make the Iraqi government pay for this by saying, “We are doing this for you.” Hundreds of thousands of Muslims will be martyred. They may be ignorant or mistaken, but they are still Muslims. They will particularly devastate the Muslim male population by having them kill one another, along with bombs from air and ground. Moreover a dreadful hatred against Muslims is spreading all over the world. In the Christian world, the ratio of those who have respect and love for the Muslims has decreased to twenty percent. In the past, that was much more, over forty percent. Now, they will have this reduced to as low as zero. Following that, they make plans for Armageddon. This is wiping out all Muslims from the top of this world. God is leading them to destruction because they do not abide by the Qur’an. God teaches us there is no compulsion in religion. The verse is very explicit, “You have your religion and I have my religion” (Surat al-Kafirun, 6). They do not accept the verse and claim there is compulsion in religion; God says there is none, and yet they say there is. Therefore troubles are coming upon them from the air, sea, earth and everywhere. God is sending disasters from the sky like rain. Now, there will come down torrents of affliction again.
Presenter – The Department of Homeland Security announced that ISIS militants plan to enter Mexico from the border. Some senators stress this could be a severe threat as there could be illegal trespassing.
Adnan Oktar: They will have these people carry out attacks and multiply hostility against Muslims. They teach how to be Muslims with references from hadith collections like Bukhari and [Sahih] Muslim. Slaughtering, beheading is very clearly expressed in those sources. A plan for destroying Islam is moving ahead globally.
Adnan Oktar: Now, they will pour down tens of thousands of bombshells. Arms factories will start production at full speed. Income from fuel oil sales in Iraq will be spent on these bombs. And graders will work day and night for burying Muslims’ funerals. People will find joy in killing Muslims. They do not consider correcting ISIS through education. Or, consider leading them to the way of Mahdi. Both sides are after bombing, executions and slaughter.
Presenter: The US President Obama instructed Secretary of Defense to kill the ISIS leaders.
Adnan Oktar: The United States cannot achieve anything by killing the leader. This is a very dangerous method. If their leaders are killed, ISIS will then abduct Americans and retaliate. Then the US will carry out another air strike. Murdering leaders is not effectual at all. They will come up with thousands of other leaders. It is not an issue for them. The United States does not appreciate the significance of an intellectual struggle at all. America was immersed into the same trouble in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and North Korea. Now, they get into the same trouble. Don’t you have the right conception? You should come up with ideas. If you don’t have ideas, you are defeated. They will decide on another leader in that vast geography. That is not a problem for them at all.
As long as the United States keeps on with the air strikes, enmity against America will multiply. Then the world would turn out to be a place where Americans will not be able to travel freely. There would be assassination attempts everywhere, and they would be abducted near and far. World would turn into hell, that is not a wise act. They could easily accomplish a result with right ideas.                            
System of Mahdi will be explicit when ISIS is approached with teachings of Islam as it is in the Qur’an. That is why some people do not want to expound this topic. But this trouble will enfold them entirely. I had warned them regarding this previously. ISIS will also enter into the USA. It will be much better for them if they are to listen to my words on this before that harassment surrounds them all. I tell this based on true knowledge.
Presenter: They do not expound it, and they also do not collaborate with Muslims who follow the Qur’an. Even if the US does not mention this, others can.
Adnan Oktar: They know who may elucidate on this topic the best, but this does not serve their purpose. Because then, true Islam that enhances friendship and brotherhood will be revealed. Then the established colonial system would be eradicated. Arms factories would be closed. That is the most vital matter. Peace will come, and they will not be able to kill more people. They find benefit in bloodshed as the US is manufacturing bombs day and night. There is immense stockpile of weapons now, and they want to exploit it. That’s the matter. It is necessary for making those factories work again. And innocent Muslims are under its impact.
Presenter: As you have stated, the US has caused the death of 1,000 civilians by means of 148 bombs dropped in the operation plan against ISIS.
Adnan Oktar: They think this is just the beginning and say they have not done anything yet.

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