In the system of antichrist inciting to crime and then sentencing to death is oppression

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 11th, 2015

"Dear Mr. Adnan Oktar, I have read your articles that argue against the death penalty in the world. Some of my friends object to this. They claim that arguing against the death penalty is contrary to the teachings of Islam. They maintain that as per God’s commands death penalty can be practiced on those who commit inhuman crimes and they can be responded by retaliation. They suggest that God’s commands on this matter cannot be changed. I am waiting for your response on this subject."

Okay fine, Islam is not prevalent in the world. But in the system of antichrist if you practice death penalty, then you become the helper of antichrist. That is to say, you will get to help oppression. Since Islam is not ruling in the world right now. If Islam would be ruling in the world, no one would commit a crime that would necessitate the implementation of death penalty. There will be no such life. Darwinist and materialistic education will be not poisoning people’s minds. And some people will not be crazed. No depressed, suicidal types who lose their minds will form in that atmosphere. Therefore, what I say is right. The men of antichrist kill and butcher people. You are also saying “I will kill and butcher”. Is Islam dominant in the world right now? No. Is Islam ruling? No. When Islam rules, is there any death punishment in Islam? Yes. But let’s see what God says in the verse. They don’t read that part of the verse. Forgiving is more auspicious for you, the verse says. Why don’t you mention about this?

It says more auspicious. Why would you not want what is more auspicious for you? God says death penalty is auspicious, but forgiving is more auspicious, He says. Which one you would choose? You would choose what is more auspicious for you. You would not choose the other one while there is a better one for you. You choose what is more auspicious. You choose the one that makes you win God’s consent more. See, this part is kept hidden. Why don’t you tell about this part? You forgive the man, and then the matter is over. You say, “I forgive you on the condition that you pray five times a day and learn the verses of the Quran by heart. And you will pass this time in jail.” That is what his guardian may say in an Islamic society. But there is modern law in almost all the world. Then the antichrist kills a man and you kill a man. The system is founded as to abet him to commit the crime. Then you will ask the man why he killed a man, and you will hang that man. You are making him go crazy, you take his mind off. You show him films of murder day and night. You raise him with Darwinist, materialistic education. You tell him that people came into existence owing to a worm. [In other words,] you tell him that that person is not human. You incite him to madness, lunacy; then he becomes insane and you tell him come here I will hang you. What about your crime then? You are the one driving him mad. Yes, he is also committing a crime, but who drives him to that point? You. What is the penalty for the one that drives him mad? For this reason it will not happen. But in the system of Mahdi, the commandments of the Quran are so explicit and they will be put into practice. But there will be no murderers in the societies where the system of Mahdi prevails. What does the resources say? There will not be a drop of bloodshed. The sleeping person will not waked up from his sleep. Not even a nose bleeds. If there is not even a drop of bloodshed, how can there be death penalty? There will be no murders and not death penalty. May God spare, even if there is one murderer, then what does God say for those who are crazed? He says if you forgive that is better. So, Muharrem from Canada should tell my words to his friends.

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