The deep sea bacteria dating back to 23 billion years reproves the non-existence of evolution

Modern and 2.3 – 1.8 billion years old sulfur-cycling microorganisms. Image credit: J. William Schopf et al.
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated February 04th, 2015

- American scientists found a type of deep sea micro-organism which is 2.3 billion years old. They studied this creature with a laser scanning microscope and found that this is exactly the same as a micro-organism found on the shores of south America in 2007.  
Scientific websites announced the news as “Biologists find deep sea sulphur-bacteria, which did not evolve in 2.3 billion years”
So there is no such thing called evolution. According to what the evolutionists claim, those bacteria should have been a handsome boy by now ir it should have been an elephant or something. There is no change. It is  very strong evidence, which fundamentally destroys the theory of evolution . We should announce this news repeatedly on our broadcasts.
The number of wise people is rising day by day. In the past, the world was being run by weak-minded people. It’s not the case now. The emergence of the internet allowed people to reach all manner of information. It used to be easy to deceive people with the lies of Darwinists, which is not the case now.
Elementary school children, secondary school children carry out searches on the internet about evolution. Then they want to see if there is any publication criticising evolution. They only bring together two words; criticizing evolution, and that’s it: He hits a button and he finds Harun Yahya books in front of him.
As the internet, in other words Dabbat Al Ardh, spreads throughout the world, the system of the antichrist cannot be victorious again.
The Qur'an verse says in the End Times, at a time which is close to the Doomsday, when the faith of people is weaker, We bring out a Dabba made from soil. It talks to people –tukallimuhum [in Arabic]-. Look; such a creature, God only points out its talent of talking to people. He doesn’t say it walks, He doesn’t say it has hands and arms, He only says it talks –tukallimuhum-. It talks to them and invites them and explains the faith to them. This is happening now.
As far as I can see, the most effective works right now are Harun Yahya works. I haven’t seen anyone who reads them and does not believe. 

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