France should act in a rational way and refrain from moves that may cause incidents like Paris attacks

Some actions are committed so that bomb attacks against Muslims can take place. The cartoonists are shot first, then the bombings start. But this will cost France dearly. It must pull itself together. The bloodshed will multiply ten-fold. They must abandon this lack of logic. They must approach people with love and reason and dialogue. They must stop this disgraceful behavior. Some evangelical members of the CFR are logically totally inconsistent and propose totally false ideas. While other members of the CFR are very rational. I have invited some of them here, and they will be arriving in the days ahead. But those who think that bloodshed can solve any problem are badly mistaken. The Gospel is all about love. It tells people to treat their neighbors well, and to turn the right cheek if one is struck on the left. These are the words of the Prophet Jesus. You must be full of love. How can problems be solved through violence and bloodshed?
- As you have said, their minds are in the past, and they imagine that the methods of the past can still work.
Adnan Oktar: They are still acting out of the bullying mentality of a hundred years ago. Their idea is one of, ‘Hit hard and get it over with.’ And because of that mentality they are always in trouble. They will turn Europe into a hell on earth. They are determined to do that.
- There are people who think that when the Prophet Jesus returns he will be very different in character and want to see bloodshed. Surely the Prophet Jesus is beyond that. He was always a man of peace, and that is how our Prophet will return.
Adnan Oktar: The Prophet Jesus will have exactly the same character.

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