What is the difference between Islam as advocated by ISIS and the Islam we preach?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated February 05th, 2015
There is the kind of Islam advocated by ISIS and the Islam as we preach it. All the world embraces the Islam that we preach but the world responds to the Islam preached by ISIS via airstrikes. This is not the kind of Islam that people can live by but the Islam as we preach will save the world. There is love, there is peace, there is brotherhood, there is goodness, beauty, arts, aesthetics. Women are made as pearls in men’s crowns, women are free, kids are free, young boys are free, there is joy everywhere. But in the traditionalist, ultra-orthodox conception of Islam, everything is grave, everywhere is a place of torment, having just enough to keep body and soul together, it is the other name of devastation; [According to this mindset] everyday one needs to go to suffering, through afflictions, in many cases filth is everywhere. Pain and agony have infiltrated all the grounds. Laughter is banned, being joyful is banned. Painting, music, TV, everything beautiful that comes to your mind are all banned. Hatred, rage, fury are free, beheading, butchering, cutting off a man’s head and showing it around are considered as 'normal'. Blood is everywhere; there is starvation, misery, cries everywhere. Hunger, misery, obnoxious, unaesthetic scenes, corruption; these are the horrible things peculiar to a great majority of traditionalist, ultra-orthodox Islam.
They present Islam as a religion of the grave. It is like the religion of terror. Once you are a Muslim, they think he will hang, beat, execute others and do nothing else. It is almost the hell of women. Women are devastated in the ultra-orthodox conception of Islam. They can neither sit, nor stand up, nor wear anything they want. Even eating is an offense. They say that if they make women eat too much, they will become depraved, they will be  trouble. If you make them put on beautiful clothes, they will go astray and attempt to go out. You should make them put on bad clothes so that they would feel embarrassed and not go out. If a window is looking out onto the street, then it must be covered with bricks. They say that is what the Companions of our Prophet (saas) did. Notice that they also include the Companions in this lie; [According to them] the Companions saw their ladies looking onto the street through the window. Notice that they also defame the Companions of our Prophet (saas), the ladies of that time, may God forbid, as if they were looking for men and the Companions prevented it. They also insult them. And these guys believe in it as a provision of God. Now they put people into cages and burn them. And they say this is based on the practice of Hazrat Ali, a hadith: That is what comes to their minds when Islam is mentioned. Chopping people up, beheading, beating people until blood is shed, reviling, yelling, an absence of arts, aesthetics, dreadfulness, threat, scourges, corruption, all forms of outrageous acts. These things come to mind. Indeed, on a wide basis this is the structure we see. 
HOST: On the NewsRescue website, there appeared the report about the English advertisements of your book “Bigotry” on London buses.
ADNAN OKTAR: That is fine. We are the only community who carries out such a reasonable work against bigotry. Many thanks to God. There are some who do, but they come up with  very perverted beliefs. They allege they advocate the Qur'an but what they preach is very deviant. This is unacceptable. They need to be loyal to the Qur'an; they should neither add nor delete anything. They need to convey whatever God says in the Qur'an.

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