Satan is setting Israel and Palestine against one another and who wants bloodshed. They need to stand up against that

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated January 28th, 2015
Last week Israel carried out a rocket attack against a convoy containing Syrian and Iranian commanders and killed 5 senior Hezbollah commanders. This week, Hezbollah carried out a missile attack against Israel. It targeted an Israeli convoy with an anti-tank missile. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and 7 injured. Israel then declared the area north of the Lebanese border a war zone.
Adnan Oktar: See, there is going to be bloodshed again. These people start spilling blood when satan provokes them. Satan says, ‘I want blood.’ People start shedding blood when they are mildly provoked. You live in a lovely land, so do not behave so extremely. Do not do it. What is the reason for all this excess? The land is empty. You go 50 km without seeing anyone. So why all this rage and rancor? The land is big enough for everyone. Being a Jew means being loyal to 3000 years of tradition since the Prophet Moses or 4000 since the Prophet Abraham. What more can one ask? Would it be better if they abandoned their faith? Do you want them to be irreligious? What more do you want? They are fine devout people. The land is big enough for them all. They could own even more land. Jordan has a very small population and is empty. The borders need to be done away with. They need to live in comfort.
Hatred of Israel is most unpleasant. This blood feud mentality is horrible. They need to make peace and live in friendship. What kind of rage is this? Now there will be bloodshed again. Both sides are stubbornly intent on war. There were wars of obstinacy 1500 years ago, too. Both sides insulted one another and armies of 100,000 people fought because of a single word. At the end of the day, both sides were ruined. This is insanity.


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