Israel and Palestine should not use harsh statements and insulting turn of phrases against each other

Israel and Palestine should not use harsh statements and insulting turn of phrases against each other
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Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 19th, 2012

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ADNAN OKTAR: Israel is a country in which people abiding by the Torah are intensely populated. Torah demands compassion, mercy, forbearance, good will, beauty and peace. The Torah gives the glad-tidings of [King] Messiah. What will the [King] Messiah do? He will stop the bloodshed. He will stop the war, he stops terror and anarchy. He will put away weapons.  What are we advocating? We are advocating Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), King Messiah. What does Israel advocate? They advocate the Mahdi, the Messiah. In that case it is apparent that using such harsh turn of phrases is illogical. One person might do something wrong but why should he be called "stupid," if you call someone "stupid" you would damage that person, you would make him ill. If you call him a terrorist he would turn out to be one even if he is not in the beginning.  There is a saying [in Turkish] ; "Whatever you call a person for forty times, he would end up being that." If you constantly call a person; "Terrorist! You are a terrorist!" He would say "alright, I am a terrorist then!" and would become one. The attitude is very important, using a compassionate attitude is very important. Even if the other side has been doing wrong; calling them names; calling them "stupid" or "fool", this or that, calling them "terrorists" or such is not acceptable.  It doesn't become Israel, a bullying attitude doesn't look good on Israel at all. As a matter of fact, they have kept my word. They have used the word "peace". They said; "We do not want war, we want peace." I've told them to say that and may Allah be pleased with them they have said it. What is the need for such things? A harsh attitude might only please fifty or a hundred people the most in Israel.  People, the people of Israel would be uncomfortable with harsh attitudes, they would be uncomfortable with a bullying attitude. Whose vanity are you flattering? On one side, there are the children of the Prophet Ishmael, the sons of the Prophet Ishmael.  On the other side there are the children of the Prophet Israel. They all are the sons of the same father. So what is going on? Satan is trying to drive a wedge between them. Dajjal (antichrist) is trying to drive a wedge between them. It is pulling a trick, they should not be deceived by that. Harsh statements would escalate the tension.  If you call them terrorists, they would call you terrorist as well, if you call them names, they would call you names as well. These are all unbecoming. There is no need for such words.
People should pray saying "Oh Lord, let us see the Mahdi, the Messiah, let us see the Golden Age, let us see those beautiful days You've promised."
How happy is Israel, how nice this is for them, they will be seeing those beautiful days they have been promised in the Torah. The Messiah- Mahdi (pbuh) they have been waiting for three thousand years has come. They will see him and according to the Torah, according to the Judaic calendar the timing is okay, the time has come. No one denies this. They also say this; "the time has come," they say.  The foundation Israel is a sign of the appearance of the Messiah, the foundation of the state of Israel is the sign of the appearance of the Mahdi and that has happened as well.  Now what should be done is ; Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Palestine should all hold each other's hands and  have their picture taken saying; "We are all the children of Prophets, we are the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), we would not be deceived by these tricks, we have defeated the dajjal here. We've defeated the dajjal and that is all. We are not making a war, we will not make a war. Let us put away all security precautions. Let us pull down all the walls, let us put away all the security barricades."
Well, my brother, these Jewish children are extremely sweet. Palestinian children are extremely sweet as well, wandering around with their bellies out in the open..   Well, my brother why should these children die? Let us make these children happy. Fighting is nothing but foolishness. That would be a very irrational thing to do. Let us not be deceived by the plot of the dajjal. They should all step up altogether. Let Mr. Morsi come up, let our Prime Minister come as well, let Mr. Haniyeh come up. Also whoever is willing to attend from the Israeli statesmen should attend as well. Let them have a picture taken while they are holding hands and saying "we have given their game away." Let all the obstacles and all the precaution measures be removed quickly, let them embrace each other so that the matter would be closed once and for all. Yet this is something that should be done necessarily by the hand of the Mahdi, by the hand of the King Messiah. It is very easy, but they cannot do that. It is really very easy.  In fact it is war that is the difficult thing to do, shedding blood is difficult, pain is difficult. What can be easier than friendship? You say "As-salamun alaykom" and embrace each other and that is all. It is as easy as that. That is why it is wrongful to use an offensive, sharp language. 
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