Quality is very important in Islam. Our Prophet (saas) has lived a very high quality life.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 7th, 2012
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ADNAN OKTAR: The Islamic world is going very well, Islam is wide-spreading but quality is a very important matter. Without quality live will be all broken. I mean quality is a very important matter in Islam, it is an important aspect of life. If you do not attach importance to quality; without aesthetics and beauty, the world will appear to be like Hell. The Mosques should be high quality, the houses should be high quality, clothes should be high quality, the speeches should be high quality, perfumes worn should be high quality. I was watching a TV Channel [the other day], there were some people talking, they all lacked quality in their appearance. For instance there were some ladies, they all lacked quality. They were Muslims but their appearances lacked quality. Well, I looked at their way of speaking- I consider the religious matters clear from this- it was really lacking quality. Well, are you going to bring about such a system, is that what you think should be, is this the ideal life you have? I mean will the people be living like this?   For instance Europe attaches great importance to quality. The French, English people all attach great importance to quality. They make a point of attaining quality in their lives. It is apparent that it is crucial for Muslims' lives to attain high quality.
A book should be prepared about this point as well.
DIDEM URER: Insha'Allah Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: A book that should be called "Islam and Quality". Let us a prepare that book.
DIDEM URER: Insha'Allah Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: Our master Mehmet Şevket Eygi always talks about quality in his writings. Yet that blessed person never could really make them understand I mean many people do not listen to our Masters that important warning. He explains the importance of quality in every aspect of life, he explains very comprehensively that quality is an essential attribute of life. However some of our brothers strive to recite a very low quality understanding of Islam. That is why they are getting harsh reactions from the world. However if a high quality understanding of Islam was to be preached, the whole world would turn to Islam in crowds. People adopt an attitude against Islam because they are describing an understanding of Islam that lacks quality.  That is the reason of the hatred people feel about Muslims. These people attempt to present a ragged, filthy, ugly, thoughtless absurd structure as Islam.  And that causes an immense discomfort and reaction in people. Some people come up and say that people react against Islam.  Actually these people are reacting against lack of quality. They are reacting against that horridness, that evil, that ugliness. And some people presume that those people are reacting against Islam. There is no such reaction against Islam, there is a reaction against lack of quality. Many of them are very determined about lack of quality. They are quite determined. They lack quality in eating, they lack quality in their clothes, they lack quality in their way of talking. I look at their ladies, they also lack quality. They only concentrate in cooking and giving birth. I mean they have houses lacking in quality, they are primitive. I mean that has nothing to do with money. It might be cheap but their appearance could be high quality. I mean a person might have only one dress but it can be really high quality. It is very important to be ambitious about quality, to advocate it determinedly. 
When quality is attained in arts, science and aesthetics, politics, when there is quality everywhere, such an understanding of Islam would be embraced by everyone. The only reason Islam is not spreading around is lack of quality. Even if you talk to an irreligious person and say; "Love, compassion, mercy, friendship, amicability, democracy, well intentions, a sociable environment, social justice, cutting edge progress in science, art and aesthetics; What do you say to that?" He would say; "I'd embrace it right away." That is what Islam actually is. But what you are presenting people is not a high quality understanding of Islam. You have turned religious services into a hardship. You have turned them into torture, some of them. A completely different frame of mind has overtaken the place of friendship and love. They cannot make friends, they cannot become amiable.  It is even difficult to form a connection in between religious communities. Yet it is very easy to form friendship and to make conversation with an irreligious person but it is quite hard to make friends with a religious person in some places. That is why the main problem in front of spreading of Islam, in people not accepting Islam is lack of quality. There is no other reason. If someone says; "I've been preaching but Islam is not spreading around," that person should look for the mistake in him. It means that his way lacks quality.
And some circles get people and give them food and drinks, let them stay in their houses and of course such people might show a tendency towards them because of this if they are in need. I mean such people might show a tendency towards Muslims and Islam. But a sound result cannot be attained from that. The style they are talking about, the method they are employing is very hard for someone in the middle. It is very difficult for them to accept. They misrepresent Islam as such an intricate, such a difficult and hard religion and they show the understanding of quality in Muslims' lives as such a sheepish, such a deficient life that it seems like –may Allah forbid- a living Hell to people.  Well my brother, what is the need for that? Why do you not present Islam like Paradise as it actually is, why do you not present an ambiance like that of Paradise, a manner that reminds Paradise?  Why would anyone deny something like that?  I mean they are presenting such a model for women that it is really hard to find anything to be called high quality. There is a severe lack of quality. They base themselves on ugliness, they base themselves on lack of quality. There is a model that intends to put away beauty completely. They present beauty as if it is something atrocious, as if it is unlawful for a woman. And they attempt to present "ugly" woman as devout and to present beautiful woman as if she has committed an unlawful act. For a well groomed, clean and class woman they say; "well, such a woman can have nothing to do with Islam. " Yet for an ugly and ill groomed woman they say; "well, such a woman is a devout woman." Or for an ugly and ill groomed man, with a bushy, ragged outlook they say; "Well, this must be a saint." He doesn't listen to music, he doesn't like paintings, he keeps away from people, he doesn't speak much, he doesn't  pay compliments, he leads a weird life yet they appraise such a person. They appraise him but nevertheless they keep away from him. They feel embarrassed about him, they feel discomfort but in secret, if they find someone to talk to, they say; "Well, it appears that he is such a devout person, but he should not come  to my house, he should not talk to my children." They find such a person dangerous in that respect and say; "such a person should keep away from us."  Yet towards the people they found to be high quality, even if they are irreligious, they show love. They admire such people but again they are hostile towards quality. They admire quality, for instance their children, their family, they all admire quality, but they themselves in practice present quality as if it is a wrong way to follow. For that reason we should explain this dilemma about quality by preparing a book.
DIDEM URER: Insha'Allah.
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, because we will be using a polite language it will not be in a destructive manner. Yes.. For instance our Prophet (saas) was very high quality person. He used to grow roses around his house. That was a desert environment and he was growing roses. Even under harshest conditions he took quality as a basis. His house was small yet very high quality and very clean, it was immaculately clean.  The means they have had was quite limited yet his hair was bright and clean. At that time there was a viscous, beautiful smelling oil and our Prophet (saas) used to use olive oil as well as that viscous oil. That was an oil mixed with a beautiful smelling rose extract. Our Prophet (saas) used to wear it on his hair as brilliantine, so his hair was shinning brightly, of course it showed his hair even darker and bright. It showed him even more youthful. He used to comb his hair everyday many times. His hair was very neatly parted in the middle and in plaits on both sides. In very nice and neat, beautiful plaits. So look how much importance he attached to grooming and beauty. His eyes were tinged with kohl. He used to ting his eyes with kohl. His attire was all white and immaculately clean. The frock he wore and the shirt he wore underneath were all white. His teeth were sparkling. That for instance is a sign of quality. When he smiled his teeth were sparkling like light. He smelled very beautiful. That for instance another sign of quality. The quality of his perfume.. He wore the highest quality perfume, he wore the highest quality clothes for that time. His addressing was high quality, the words he selected were all very high quality, very beautiful. His gait was high quality, the way he sat and the way he stood up were all very high quality, the way he ate was very high quality. Quality prevailed all around him. Quality unburdens one's heart, it would bring one delight. Quality is one of the most important ornaments of life. Once the quality is lost, a person would become introverted. For instance there are many people very weary of life with faces as long as a fiddle. They perform their prayers and fast yet many of the Muslims are weary of life. They are experiencing that depression of lack of quality. Their houses are miserable. They go out, everywhere is unkempt. That is the case in Afghanistan, in Iraq, that is the case in Syria, in Pakistan. Lack of quality is quite prevalent. People visiting there all say so. In pilgrimage, in Mecca and Medina in places pilgrims are very crowded, for instance in Arafat, in Jabal al-Nour a tragic neglect is prevalent.  People there, the administrators are saying; "do not go and say anything about this." That is why people do not say anything about this. That is the reason why it is not very well known among people.  They are saying; "That might cause bad assumptions so you should not say anything about this." Well my brother, instead of telling people not to speak, why do you not clean those places, why do you not make it well-kept? People have written their names all around, on the rocks, on the stones, these are the places our Prophet(saas) wandered around. In the entrance of the Cave of Hira, there are plastic bottles throw , rags and tissues, all on the ground. It is inconceivably dirty. Well my brother, you should be ashamed of that. First of all clean those paintings, why do you let people paint those rocks? Why do you keep that places all unprotected? Why do you let this happen? A grave lack of quality is prevalent. For instance during the pilgrimage they show many attitudes lacking quality. They pull and push each other, push women around, knock down people praying.. These never take place in the media and are never talked about. People going there only say that "it was very nice." They do not talk about these atrocious acts and repugnant behaviors. Actually these should be openly talked about. People seeing such behaviors take a dislike towards Islam, they are very negatively affected. 
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