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Adnan Oktar Says....

- Islam will prevail in the world once more with arts and science in the forefront. Only then Allah gives way to that, otherwise He does not.

- Some people do not think why Allah did not let Islam prevail the world until now. Why did Allah let Islam prevail the world in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh)? Because the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was very cheerful, very extroverted and he attached great importance to arts and science. When there is a magnificent system, Allah lets Islam prevail the world. Allah does not let misery prevail the world.

- Why did Allah overthrow the Ottoman Empire? Allah overthrew the Empire because the majority of the public stood against arts, aesthetics and science. The state was not against it but the majority of the public was. The state had palaces constructed, they decorated fountains but the great majority of the public were against science and arts. Bigoted mindset infested all around. Allah overthrew the Ottomans for that reason.

- Some of our brothers imagine that Allah wants poverty and misery. Allah delays the global dominion of Islam because of that reason, because they do not give up this mindset.

(A9 TV; December 22nd, 2012)


  1. Darwin said, this is my assumption regarding how life evolved. Darwin was writer & not a God. There are 2 million species on Earth, human are one specie. There is no life for 100 light years, for human to reach our nearest sun which is 2.5 light year from Earth,it will take us 100,000 years while traveling 40,000 kilometers per hour. At moment human can travel 5,000 kilometers per hour. Light travels 300,000 kilometers per second. Light can travel 8 times round the Earth per second.


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