Israel is the name of a Prophet, and saying 'Damn Israel' would be unbecoming for a Muslim.

Israel is the name of a Prophet, and saying 'Damn Israel' would be unbecoming for a Muslim.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 15th, 2012 

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DIDEM URER: Master, the crowd formed by about three thousand people gathered in Fatih Mosque, protested the attacks Israel made to Gaza for the first time in four years after Israel's Gaza invasion and shouted slogans saying; "Damn Israel! Israel do not deviate, do not try our patience!"
ADNAN OKTAR: Well, my brother, that is wrong! Such a thing should not be said. Israel is the name of a Prophet, how can they say "Damn Israel"? I mean whatever it is they are protesting they might find a name for that. But how can saying "damn Israel!" be acceptable? You would then be reviling against the Prophet- may Allah forbid. Right? How can you say "Damn"? It is the satan who makes you say that. It is not acceptable to say that. Saying "Damn Israel" is not acceptable. Israel is the name of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh), it is mentioned in the Qur'an. They are persisting on their mistake, that is not acceptable. Instead of saying that, why don't they say; "Lord, show us the Mahdi. Our Lord give us the Unity of Islam!" Isn't the Unity of Islam a clean solution? They keep saying "Damn this! Damn that!" night and day, instead of saying "Damn" say; "My Lord revive Islam!" so that the Unity of Islam would be formed. Right? The Islamic Brotherhood used to scream the place down in Syria back in time, even though we do not hear them saying this anymore nowadays. "La madrasah, la tadris, innel nezile al-Reis."  They used to scream down the place saying "no need for madrasah, or for teaching, the Mahdi will appear." They should be doing the same thing. My brother, let's say that you have gone out of the Fatih Mosque, just say; "O Lord, send us the Mahdi." Let one of them pray for that and let all the others say "amen" altogether. "O Lord give us the blessing of seeing the Jesus Messiah (pbuh). O Lord give us the blessing of seeing the Mahdi (pbuh), O Lord honor us with the Unity of Islam and unite the whole ummah of Mohammad as soon as possible." And that is what we pray for, may Almighty Allah accept our prayers insha'Allah. That would be acceptable. Saying "Damn that, damn this!" is not acceptable.
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