News of the Mahdi (pbuh) at the U.N. General Council

News of the Mahdi (pbuh) at the U.N. General Council

The second day of the 67th session meetings of the U.N. General Council in New York saw a number of striking addresses being made. Speeches by Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi made their mark on the occasion.

mahmoud ahmadinejad1Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad based his address on the 10th Imam Mahdi.
Ahmadinejad employed the terms; “When he returns as a savior to the world, he will shed light on all faiths and on the future of mankind and differences of race, religion and languages will be unimportant.” He then spoke of his longing for a new world not dominated by pride, and said; “With his coming, the world will be restored to life, spring will come as he blesses mankind, and poverty, war and oppression will come to an end. Mankind will come to know togetherness through his light, and our hands will finally find one another in solidarity and toleration.” 
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