In the hadiths, our Prophet (saas) draws attention to the PKK

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (22 November 2013)
In the hadiths, our Prophet (saas) draws attention to the PKK 
Our Prophet (saas) described the End Times in great details. For instance look how he explains these events that will take place in Syria, the massacre in Syria. He says that in Syria, in Damascus, "More than a hundred thousand people will be annihilated." Our President Abdullah Gul says; "The losses in Syria has exceeded a hundred thousand people." Look, that's the same. Our Prophet (saas) gives a number. He says, "A hundred thousand people," and he says that "God creates this as a blessing for those who have faith.." -as they will be martyrs- "..and as a torment for those who do not have faith." "These incidents will escalate until it stops in Damascus. You will see riders coming with yellow banners, battered horses, battered clothes.'' Look, the flag of the PKK, the communists' flag is red on yellow. And their clothes are really battered. "There will be a formidable terror," says our Prophet (saas). And he explains that terror as; "This will be red death." Meaning as the result of a communist attack, Muslims will be martyred. Red is the name used globally for communists. Red Communists, reds, Red China, Red Army.  "Yellow banners" Their banner is yellow. "Riders with battered horses, battered clothes.."  Their clothes are worn indeed. "There will be a formidable terror, this will be red death," says our Prophet (saas). "Red death", so he draws attention to the massacre carried out by the communists. 
"Then you will see that a village of Damascus called Haresta will sink." We've shown this before anyway, Haresta has been wrecked down in Damascus.  "Later on the son of the liver eater."; who is the liver eater? Hafiz Al-Assad. Who is his son? Bashar Al-Assad.  Look; "his son," says our Prophet (saas), "the son of the liver eater." That is because Hafiz Al-Assad used to have the livers of women smashed up. He used to ruin people with bombs and weapons. "The son of the liver eater," is Bashar Al-Assad, "comes from the Yabis Valley in order to stay in Damascus mimbar." He presents himself as if he is a Muslim. As a matter of fact, he really goes and performs his prayers, he is always in mosques and he gives sermons to Muslims. "After that,  wait for the appearance of Mohammad Mahdi," says our Prophet (saas). Look, do you see this? Look at the details. 
Our Prophet (saas) says; "...two armies will get into a conflict." Right now Al Nusra and the PYD are in  conflict.   "Apart from a sign from God, this will not come to an end." They will be in a constant combat. Look, "two armies," our Prophet (saas) gives details. In between the PYD and Al-Nusra. If these people do not consider these details as important, then all sorts of disasters will not cease to take place, may God forbid.
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