Why the appearance of the name Adnan Oktar in the Torah code system is significant

Why the appearance of the name Adnan Oktar in the Torah code system is significant (25.11.2013)

What other words appear on the page of the Torah on which the name of Adnan Oktar appears?

Why the appearance of the name Adnan Oktar in the Torah code system is significant
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November  21&25th, 2013

Adnan Oktar:
The appearance of the name ‘Adnan Oktar’ in the Torah really astonished me. That is something amazing because it is on just one page. Can you show us?  
Look, a single page in the Torah. See what is on this single page. One, the name of ‘Adnan Oktar’ appears. Can you zoom in? Yes, look. Two, the word ‘ijazah’ [permission] appears. On the same page. Three, the word ‘striving for God’ appears. Four, ‘remember God together’ appears. The word ‘fertile’ appears, and the word ‘conclusion' and ‘with a friend.’ Look, Rayel – the word of Allah, the title of Jesus the Messiah in the Qur’an. It speaks of Jesus the Messiah on the same page. And it speaks of permission. ‘Striving for Allah,’ ‘remember Allah together,’ ‘fertility,’ ‘conclusion’ and ‘together with a friend.’
Bring that image of the Torah a bit closer. There is a group of rabbis studying and trying to clarify this. They have specialized in these matters for decades. This is very ancient knowledge, but they have only just discovered it. I was amazed. The word Adnan might be there, but ‘Adnan Oktar’? All right, let us grant ‘Adnan Oktar’ is there. But would one expect to see ‘the word of Allah,’ the title of Jesus the Messiah, followed by ‘permission’?

'Strive for Allah’ followed by ‘remember Allah together,’ ‘fertility,’ conclusion’ and ‘together with a friend.’ These all appear on one page in the Torah. Now is this not astonishing? Is such a thing at all normal?

The other day someone said. “The name Noah appears in 40 places, what is special about that?” My brother, the name of the Prophet Noah may appear, but when it comes with these other words then something really and truly extraordinary has happened. There is a glorious detail here and interconnected logic. It is impossible to ignore this. It is something breathtaking and astonishing.
One of our friends says, “My name is Noah, and the name Noah appears in the Torah in 40 places.” Of course the name of a prophet will appear, insha’Allah. What is surprising about that? Yet he has failed to understand the amazing thing here. If you look, the name Ali may appear, or the name Hussain. But 1.‘Adnan Oktar’ , 2 the word ‘Allah’, 3 ‘strive for Allah’, 4 ‘remember Allah together’, 5 ‘result’, and 6 ‘together with a friend’. That cannot be a coincidence.

Gülşah Güçyetmez:
Just the fact your name and surname appear together is a marvel.

Adnan Oktar:
Of course, if one looks for Adnan it may perhaps appear. But ‘Adnan Oktar’ is a marvel. That is why our friend is wasting his time, there is clearly something marvelous here. This means there is a sign that I will be a follower of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), and a sign that I shall be a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). That is what I take it to mean, insha’Allah.

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