Our Prime Minister is an altruistic and virtuous person

Our Prime Minister is an altruistic and virtuous person (06.12.2013)

Our prime minister is an altruistic and virtuous person

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December  06th, 2013

D.URER: Yesterday evening Prime Minister Erdogan made a statement in agreement with what you say on the Science Dissemination Foundation’s 40th anniversary broadcast. Just as you say, he criticized the idea of intellectual foundations turning to the commercial sphere. What he said was, “I congratulate the Science Dissemination Foundation. Their efforts were not intended to make money or attain rank and station. They did not seek power. They did not talk about ‘me,’ but always ‘we’. I can read the rest of it if you like.

A.OKTAR: Tayyip Erdogan is a fine man from Anatolia. He is very honest, a classic Muslim. He is very rational. He does not put on airs like a prime minister. His language is always that of a full Muslim, a very consistent Muslim. He said what he wanted to say. He has a huge respect of genuine, sincere Muslims. But what was he expected to say? He could not go and say you are doing really well, so keep on doing it. But his heart is open to Muslims and believers. Look, Syrian Muslims are being slaughtered, and that causes him pain. He raises his voice loud. He has stirred the whole world up to save them. But people do not listen. He suffers for everyone. He suffers for Palestine. He suffers for everyone who is oppressed. It troubles him. He is also full of affection toward Israel. He immediately called the ministers and is going to meet and speak to them. But at the moment there is of course that tension due to the Marmara incident. That is normal, but there is no hostility or anger in his soul.

Tayyip Erdogan is an immaculate man from Anatolia. They think he may do something to harm the nation. No way, my brothers. I understand him. His actions are political maneuverings and tactics. But he will never allow Turkey to be split up, nor permit the treachery of the PKK nor allow the communists to install themselves in the region. There is no question of that. But he is walking a fine line. I am amazed, he had already gone somewhere in the morning.

D.URER: Yes, he visited three different down in the Trakya region.

A.OKTAR: A normal person would go to one place and then rest for a week.

A.OKTAR: Isn’t that right? God gives him strength to serve Islam and the Qur’an. The support from those communities was a very good thing. It helped improve his morale. Because he could have been rather saddened. He could have said; “I gave up my youth. I served all this time for God’s approval. I suffered a lot. Then when the work was all done they did this to me.”  They also gave a fine example of altruism. They speak of self-sacrifice, and that is very good. We will never be lacking in self-sacrifice fort you. We will not let a hair on your head be harmed. That kind of language. That was good. Tayyip Erdogan is a fine, honest man.

D.URER: The next part of what he said was also very good; "Following the good works of the nameless heroes who suffered so much so we could get where we are today, they did not say, we put you through school so you are now ours. They never had the attitude of calculating what they would earn by regarding people as an investable financial intermediary."

A.OKTAR: He summed the scourge up really well. He summarized the sickness very well. Because when you do not let have faith have pride of place in business, when you concentrate on money, faith becomes forgotten. In that event, neither Islamic Union is of any importance, nor the coming of Jesus the Messiah nor the coming of the Mahdi. Money is everything. Take the money and run. But he set it out very politely.

D.URER: Then he says; ”Those philanthropists know God and they know themselves. We need union and unity,” he said. He several times emphasized that quality is what matters, not quantity.

A.OKTAR: Look, that is the same as what I have been saying for weeks.

D. URER: Yes, the same. And he said, “One person alone will come and change the course of history.”  

A.OKTAR: Masha’Allah. God causes him to say that.

D.URER: Masha’Allah.

A.OKTAR: Masha’Allah. Tayyip Erdogan is also one of the important figures of the End Times. There was the terror organization Ergenekon that seemed to be a permanent fixture for 150 years. The nation was terrified of it. But he sought shelter in God and said, “Allah Bismillah,” and the whole thing came crashing down. The nation was rid of a terrible scourge. Masha’Allah. Tayyip Erdogan is going very well. That is how I see it. He balances everything. There is nothing extreme or over the top, from what I can see. 

D.URER: Yes, he stressed that he is the prime minister for 76 million people. He said they do not only look out for those who voted for them and abandon the rest. He said they serve them all.

A.OKTAR: That is very good. He is very honest. So long as he sincerely supports Islamic Union and the system of the Mahdi, and so long as he genuinely desires the return of Jesus the Messiah, so long as he maintains that sincerity, he will never be brought down. His health will never be compromised. The lack of conscience in some people is amazing. They say things like, “He has cancer of the…” Cancer actually afflicts the people who say that, though they are unaware of it. Tayyip Erdogan is a lion and there is nothing wrong with him.

D.URER: Masha’Allah.

A.OKTAR: Nothing. He is fit and well.

D.URER: He paid a one-day visit to Qatar.

A.OKTAR: I am amazed at the kind of conscience some people have. It is dreadful to be waiting for him to die. That negative energy will come back to you, though you do not realize. Then you hear reports of those people who thought those bad thoughts. What they wished on him came back to bite them. Erdogan has work here, work to do in this world.

D. URER: Insha’Allah.

A.OKTAR: he will not go anywhere until his work is done. Nor will his government be going. There is a time appointed for Almighty God to take his soul. His work will come to an end and he can then relax. Almighty God will say, “Come, let Me take you to an easier place.” And He will take him. By Allah’s leave. That is what I think.

D.URER: Insha’Allah.

A.OKTAR: Insha’Allah. But opposition is also necessary. It is dangerous if there is no opposition. The opposition of the Nationalist Movement Party is important, for instance. That of the CHP is necessary. That leads to dynamism and helps people think and increases their desire to serve. Pointing out errors makes the work easier. It increases one’s concentration and attention. Otherwise the result may be lethargy. Someone may feel to see the danger. The opposition always remind them that “There is danger over there.” The Nationalist Movement Party is always reminding them. So they are always on their guard and careful.

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