Bashar Assad and his violence has been related in the hadith

Bashar Assad and his violence has been related in the hadith (22.11.2013)
Bashar Assad and his violence has been related in the hadith
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November  22 nd, 2013
Adnan Oktar: The hadith goes: “Then you see Harasta, a village of Damascus, being ruined.” We have already shown that; Harasta in Damascus had been razed to the ground. Then it is said, “The son of the liver-eater.” Who is “the liver-eater?” Hafez Assad. Who is his son? Bashar Assad. Notice that it is said, “His son, the son of the liver-eater.” Surely, Hafez Assad used to destroy women’s livers  with bombs. They used to be smashed by weapons. Notice it is said, “The son of the liver-eater [Bashar Assad] comes from the Yabis valley in order to sit in the Damascus pulpit. He presents himself there as a Muslim.” Indeed he goes to the pulpit, he performs prayer there...
Didem Ürer: Yes sure...
Adnan Oktar: ...He does not leave the mosque, he delivers sermons to Muslims. Our Prophet (saas) says, “Then wait for Hazrat Mahdi’s appearance.”
Didem Ürer: Masha’Allah...
Adnan Oktar: ...Notice the details provided. Isn’t this a miracle from beginning to end?
Didem Ürer: ...Mash’Allah. It is a great miracle. A perfect miracle.
Adnan Oktar: Scholars do not talk about this, they simply hide this. This is incredible. This is a miracle, this is another miracle. People’s hiding the miracles is a separate miracle...
Ebru Altan: Yes teacher. 
Adnan Oktar: How do they dare it? How their will and conscience  allow them to do this? I don’t understand. How can you hide it? And then they talk about “...the Day of Saving Jerusalem.” How can you save Jerusalem? First save the Islamic world. Let’s say that you have saved Jerusalem –meanwhile, it is not understood what is meant by saving Jerusalem. What will happen when you save it? What will happen to the Islamic World? Notice that they don’t take the system of Mahdi into consideration. They don’t consider the descent of Prophet Jesus (as) as something important. They don’t see the hadith of our Prophet (saas) as important. Hasn’t our Prophet (saas) provided all the details? It is said that [the causalities] are a hundred thousand. President Abdullah Gul also stated that the casualties in Syria amount to a hundred thousand this year. It exactly matches with the hadith, down to the color of the flag. As you see, our Prophet (saas) said that there would be yellow flags and red death.  He mentions the “reds” and “the son of the liver-eater.” Our Prophet (saas) calls him “the liver-eater” in order to accentuate Hafez Assad’s psychopathy. Our Prophet (saas) said that his son would commit that massacre, he provides the detail of him being his son.

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