We need to pray to God against getting too used to wonders

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (23 November 2013)

Satan develops a sort of familiarity towards the miracles of our Prophet (saas). I mean a sense of seeing them as normal develops. Getting used to important facts and wonders is very dangerous. That is one of the points a Muslim should work on the most. For instance, one studies the structure of the cell and feels out of breath but an intense wave of familiarity at the back of his mind would constantly suck that knowledge. It constantly suppresses that amazing information.   Getting too used to wonderful incidents is a disaster. For instance, one hears about the miracles of our Prophet (saas), his eyes  fill with tears, he feels astonished and then familiarity swallows him in an instant. People have a tendency towards getting used to everything. One needs to resist that. 
Prophets never give way to such familiarity. For instance, that is a characteristic of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh). With a very sharp mind, he recognizes everything. When familiarity comes, it doesn’t have an impact on his mind. That familiarity doesn’t harm that knowledge, that fact: By familiarity I mean getting used to certain things and taking it in stride. One needs to pray to God to be protected against familiarity in that sense, saying, "My Lord, please protect me from getting too used to miraculous events. Make the impact of this wonderful knowledge rule over my heart and my soul. Protect me from getting too used to this valuable information which conduces my faith, and ruining it." 
Getting too used to certain things might sometimes be beneficial in one respect.  For instance, a person experiences a saddening incident in his own life and he submits himself to God. Some people do not feel such a submission but after a while they get used to it. By getting used to that fact, they no longer feel disturbed by that sorrow. Or something that would bother him might happen. Then one gets used to that and develops a resistance towards it. Getting used to wonderful information however is a disaster. One needs to be very careful about that. 
For instance, the kidneys recognize the atoms and molecules in the blood one by one. Atoms and molecules cannot be seen with microscopes, a person cannot see that. Cells do not have eyes, they do not have noses, they do not have hands, they do not have arms; they don’t have any of those. These are simply cells, cells of the kidney. Yet they look into the blood, recognize the materials that might be harmful to man and say “These are harmful, I am taking these out.” How about the beneficial ones? They say “These can remain.” Well my brother, there are hundreds, thousands of beneficial molecules and there are hundreds, thousands of useless ones. How are you able to differentiate between them? These cells recognize them the moment they arrive. And they say, “You can be beneficial for me, you can pass through. You are ammonia, you are no use for me, so I am discarding you.” “How about you? This is another molecule. You have no use for me. How about this one? That is beneficial, you can pass by.” That is an amazing thing. And these cells do that night and day even while we are sleeping, while we are walking, etc. They are patiently doing this cleansing, quietly, day and night. Now what is this? This alone is information that will be instrumental for a person to believe in God completely, in the perfect sense. But with familiarity, getting used to such information sinks into this, the mind would be distorted. The mind will be confused and go elsewhere. Familiarity sucks out that information and ruins it. 
Familiarity and getting used to things might be beneficial in one respect: That is a characteristic given to humans by God in order to protect them from being ruined by the fear of God.  That is because normally, one would  perish by the fear of God, may God forbid. One would die of it; I mean one would not be able to handle that fear. But through familiarity and getting used to it, God calms people. Through familiarity, this feeling would be washed away from people.  It enables people to be calmer. I mean, it is like a tranquilizer for people: Getting used to certain facts is like psychological tranquilizer. 


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