Adnan Oktar describes the secret of the global reign of Islam

Adnan Oktar describes the secret of the global reign of Islam (12&15.04.2014)

Adnan Oktar describes the secret of the global reign of Islam
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated April  11th &12nd &15th , 2014

I seek shelter in God from the accursed satan. “Those who believe and do good works.” Look, first they have faith and then they do good works. God says He will save His honest servants. Sincerity is a subject that gets overlooked. Yet God points to it as a means to salvation. In other words, God does not say worship. Because when people are sincere they also perform their religious obligations. They do the best of everything. 

“Those who believe and do right actions, happiness will be theirs and a wonderful Homecoming..”

A very brief time of testing is given in this world. The conditions of this world are really very difficult. It is hard to live. People look well groomed, but they work hard at it. They shower in the morning. They have to eat and drink. They have to take care over vitamins and not catch cold. They can fall sick and die if they catch cold. If they do not drink water their kidneys will become sick and they will die. A lung infection may kill them. A mole can be dangerous and turn into cancer. Human beings are weak entities. God created them so. God says that He created men as weak. Almighty God gives us a time to become acquainted, a time for love and friendship. He says I will cause you to know this for all time. Because there is a wonderful 3-D image. It is so perfect we really think that matter is there in front of us. Yet we see an image in our brains. Matter is there before us, but we cannot see it. We see what is in our brains. An amazing clarity. 

For example, you look at the fluid in the eye. It is a transparent gel. Imagine a light passing through that. Imagine we have turned the gel into a lens. If we look at something through that lens it will be all blurred. But here we have very sharp details. So the image that forms has nothing to do with that gel. It is obvious the image is created as a miracle. 

Take sound. Who hears sound? Someone hears it. There is a sound and a hearer. And sounds are actually heard without ears. The hearer has no ears. There is someone who tastes, but who does so without a tongue. There is also someone who smells, someone who has no nose. God has created most perfectly. He has also created all kinds of sickness and difficulty. In the morning one drinks coffee to pull oneself together. Then in the evening one is very tired. In the afternoon one says it is very hot. It is impossible for people to get things just right. They are very feeble entities. This world is obviously a specially created place of training. There is nothing worth becoming greedy for in this world. 

God helps believers in a wondrous way if people are not greedy. He creates a wonderful environment. For example, I left Ankara and came to the academy in Istanbul. I looked like an ordinary young man from Anatolia. Who would have guessed I would have penned works demolishing Darwinism? Who would have guessed I would have caused in people’s hearts by showing them the true Islam? Because the Islam we were taught was the Islam of the fanatic. Killing-beating-flogging-hanging. That is what was taught. “People who not pray must be killed,” “People who do that must be flogged,” “The penalty for this is that.” “Do you have time owing in prayer?” “I have 20 years of debt” people would say. “In that case you must pray day and night without eating or drinking” they would be told. Then they start showing the person who is learning about Islam a terrible way of life. A life nobody can live by. Blood, pain, suffering, lovelessness and women who are no longer women. Women are made to look like men, and men become like women. Because man’s love of woman has been taken away. Men are bound to find women cold and repellent. They regard them as a cause of guilt. They are portrayed as entities who make links with satan. These people already think that 99% of women will go to hell. They are portrayed as unlucky and semi-beings. Love of woman is taken away from people’s hearts. Sp perversion spreads. The current state of the world is obvious. Most of all in the Islamic world. 


(Viewer’s letter) Opening Turkish schools is a good thing for Turkey. Only in that way can Islamic Union be established.

True. Schools are opening up all over Greece. Christianity or Greek culture predominates. There is no end to American schools. There are colleges all over the place. Nothing happens. Everyone minds his own business. It cannot happen with schools. Only by the might of God, if God so chooses. Through sincerity. Through sincere hope in God. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi says, “I swear in the name of God you will see the reign of Islam in this century.” 

Bediuzzaman says the Day of Reckoning will come around 1545 (Hijri). 

- The person that God creates in destiny will be Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). God reveals this to Moses in verses. “Then you arrived at the pre-ordained time, Moses!” He says. 

They do not believe the world is metaphysical. For example, when I came from Ankara I was all on my own. Who will heed a person who is all on his own? And I came to the academy. Everyone knows what kind of place the academy was (a left-wing educational institution). Nobody should have listened to me. I had no special training or learning. I was a normal high school student. But God created an effect. He caused me to write more than 300 books. He caused them to be translated into 75 languages. Hundreds of thousands of books and CDs were handed out. That was a huge impact. Almighty God causes us to move forward step by step. But the real weapon is love. Love is the believer’s true weapon. Love is the true weapon of the system of the Mahdi. 

- Shall I read a few hadiths? 


- The friends of the Mahdi (pbuh) will be young people. The position of the elderly in his army will be that of kohl on the eye or salt on food. Salt is what there is least of in food. 

The Mahdi will conquer the East and West and cause Islam to reign across the world. God will give people such power that everyone will hear the Mahdi from where they are, and the Mahdi will give life to Islam. 


The Mahdi’s greatest weapon is sincerity.

The system of the Mahdi is the teaching of love. It teaches friendship, brotherhood, beauty and sincerity. Let me tell you a secret. God does not say that people with guns, power, money or political power will rule the world. He does not say that people who fast and pray will rule the world. He says that people who are sincere will attain salvation and rule the world. Only sincere people. The Mahdi’s greatest weapon is sincerity. He is the Mahdi because he has a sincerity that nobody else can attain. That is why God grants him victory.  

For example, America has arms but no sincerity, so it cannot win. Russia has money and guns. But no sincerity, so it cannot win. The Islamic world, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, have enough money to buy and sell the world, but they have no sincerity. Saudi Arabia also has military might. So God does not grant them victory. Indeed, they are crushed down. Whoever is sincere will rule the world. Honesty and sincerity is the crux of the matter. God points to sincerity as the only way to salvation. God points to sincerity as the only path to the global reign, in verse 55 of Surat an-Nur.  

- The verse says, “God has promised those of you who believe and do righteous actions…” 

Sincere people, but truly sincere. 


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