It is hard to deceive anyone who understands the truth about matter (28.03.2014)

It is hard to deceive anyone who understands the truth about matter

It is hard to deceive anyone who understands the truth about matter
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  28th, 2014

Ahmet Can Tekin, a viewer, he seems like a very pleasant chap, masha’Allah. He wants us to talk about the Matrix.

But in discussing it, a person starts to be drawn into that dimension. Not everyone can do it. Not everyone who understands it can describe it. It is very hard for people to understand it to describe it. A person is dragged into that mode. There are not many people who can bear that mode. In discussing the truth about matter, the truth about matter starts to appear in their souls. It is hard for people to bear that. Our Prophet (pbuh) says, 'Say: ‘My Lord, make my entry sincere and make my leaving sincere and grant me supporting authority direct from Your Presence.’’

Our Prophet ceased being material when the revelation came. He became light. It had a huge effect on his body. He grew pale as ashes. He began perspiring when the revelation came. But first, he ceased being material. Then he established contact with Gabriel. His soul remained, but his body became light. He passed into the dimension where contact was possible with the world of the angels. Otherwise he could not make contact with the world of the angels. Then they covered our Prophet’s face as he passed into that dimension. When the cloth was removed, our Prophet’s face was chalk white, one could see that after a difficult state he had passed from that dimension. The Companions relate how when revelation came down to our Prophet they all felt a huge pressure. Like being in a pressure chamber. They describe a huge weight. And they say the room they were in was filled with a buzzing, like the buzzing of bees. These are things that happened when the Prophet received revelation.

The reason why I describe this is that it is possible, by God’s will, to pass from matter to spirit. A person can cease being material and become light. But this causes a huge excitement. It really excites one. That is why, if you notice, I do not generally speak of the truth about matter. I take great care. The reason I do not talk about it is that a great many people cannot bear it. I know they cannot bear it. I prefer to talk about it partly and in theory. I advise people to read my books, but not to ask questions. I have not discussed this subject for a long time. Because a conscious person with a soul will cease being matter in talking about the truth of matter. The body cannot bear that. The body finds it really hard to cope with. Many people with souls see and know this, insha’Allah. That is why they said our prophet was sick, may God forbid. They said he was mentally ill, may God forbid. They interpreted it that was since they could not understand the coming of revelation. That was how unbelievers looked at it.

(Hadith): 'They asked how revelation came, and our Prophet said, “Sometimes it comes with a sound like a rattle. That was the hard one. Then the revelation ceases, and I have learned by heart exactly what I was told”.’

A long verse would be revealed, and our Prophet memorized it right off. That is a miracle. Our Prophet was in a state of semi-consciousness and moved his lips to memorize the verse. Almighty God said He would cause him to memorize the verses. " Do not move your tongue trying to hasten it. Its collection and recitation are Our affair. " He said. And then the verses of the Qur’an flowed wondrously from our Prophet. Then the Companions wrote them down on pieces of parchment. Then the verses were collected together and put into book form. But until then the Qur’an was in the memories of the Companions.

(Hadith) “One day I witnessed revelation come to our Prophet on a very cold day. It was very cold. When the revelation ceased, water was dripping from his temples.” He had perspired that much.

(Hadith) 'When revelation came to our Prophet this was very hard on him. His blessed face would become very pale.’

His face became white as snow. The Prophet’s face was normally red, or pinkish.

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