God has adorned the whole universe

God has adorned the whole universe (28.03.2014)

God has adorned the whole universe
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  28th, 2014

God adorns flowers, and we like them. He adorns insects, and we like them. He adorns babies, and we like them. He adorns human beings, and we like them, masha’Allah. I looked at those thorns as I came in from the garden. They are getting ready to bloom. They have opened in the form of three buds. When fully open they are read and exquisite. Their leaves are bright. But toward the end of summer they fade of course. Almighty God creates them to be beautiful, but they are all mortal and finite.

Violets are also lovely when they first bloom. One cannot bear to cut them. But then they fade and die. However, there is no death in paradise. Neither flowers die in paradise, nor fruits, nor leaves. When fruits are plucked they still remain just where they were. You pick one and it is replaced right away in the same place. One cannot bear to pick them. For example there was a lemon tree in the garden, full of lemons. For a long time we never picked them. Lemon trees have their own life span, of course, and we wanted to pick them. Go and pick those lemons, I said. But of course that troubles the heart. One will not be able to see lemons on those branches for a long time. But that is not the case in paradise. You pick them and they regrow instantaneously, masha’Allah. All beauties belong to our Lord, praise be to God.

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