They have turned women into men

They have turned women into men (24.03.2014)

They have turned women into men

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March 24 th, 2014

Our Prophet (saas) says, “In the End Times, women will resemble men, and men will resemble women.” They have made women resemble men in the traditionalist conception of Islam. They do not pluck their eyebrows, for instance. They have hairs on their faces. A model of woman in which men and women cannot be told apart, in which they act harshly with dour expressions and are exceedingly ill-groomed has spread. You see such people in many pictures. Like men with headscarves on. Their hands and faces and everything are like those of men. As a result they have done away with the concept of women entirely. Some fashion designers have imposed a model of women with broad shoulders and slim hips. And they have done away with the nature of a normal woman. There are athletic women who never leave the gym, with broad shoulders and muscles everywhere. There has been an increase in women whose bodies are just like men’s. They have also made men resemble women and changed their natures.

Traditionalist orthodox Muslims have literally turned women into men. Not content with making them look like men, they have also made them repulsive. Longing for women then disappeared, and perversion has spread like an avalanche. An unbelievable scale of perversion has spread in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. They have opened the way to such disaster.

You see Hazrat Lot in the Qur’an, saying, “These are my daughters.” You can lawfully engage in relations with them, but abandon this perversion, he says. But they refuse to listen to him.

That is how it is in our century, too. They have soiled women’s nature and beauty, and destroyed that desire for women. They have established an introverted, secret and closed world. They have even developed a spirit that detests women.

I see it in traffic, how some people have this huge loathing of women. When a car starts weaving in and out they say, “There must be a woman at the wheel.” When the traffic seized up, they say, “A woman must be responsible.” What mindset, hatred and lovelessness is this? A woman or a man may be inexperienced. Women are exceptionally clever and intelligent beings. They are scrupulous and experienced.

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