Muslims prefer beauty, but also seek wisdom in ugliness

Muslims prefer beauty, but also seek wisdom in ugliness (05.04.2014)

Muslims prefer beauty, but also seek wisdom in ugliness
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  05th, 2014

(Viewer’s letter) I heard you say, "All beauty and blessings belong to God. All praise is for the name of God.” Do ugly things not belong to God, too? 

What right have we to call what God has created beautiful or ugly? Not at all. God teaches us the concepts of beauty and ugliness in the Qur’an. God tells us to avoid ugliness. He tells us to avoid filth. The concept of beauty is stressed in hundreds of places in the Qur’an. We cannot develop our own ideas against the Qur’an. But God’s beauty is also present in what is ugly. A hyena is ugly, but one feels sorry for it. Its ugliness is comical. Or there may be an ugly person, but you feel affection and compassion for them. You love that person many times more because of their moral virtues than you do someone with an attractive face but no moral values. There are many people who are ugly but morally beautiful. And there are people who are attractive but who are arrogant proud, difficult and morally impaired. People will not like that attractive person. They like people who are good natured despite being ugly. Our view is mistaken. 

Believers must see ugliness and beauty and prefer beauty, but look for the wisdom in ugliness. You can say a work of art is ugly when you examine it. Indeed, beauty emerges from the concepts of beauty and ugliness. Beauty emerges from that comparison. Beauty emerges when comparing someone we call beautiful to someone we call ugly. But there is no ugliness in paradise. Ugliness is created solely for the test in this world. Everything is beautiful in paradise. Tree, plants, children and foods are all lovely. But there are also ugly foods in this world, and ugly people. But human beings have the advantage of being able to convert ugliness into beauty through their moral values. They can become radiant and much-loved people. You see such people around you.


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