God has made illicit relations between men and women unlawful, not their being present in the same place

God has made illicit relations between men and women unlawful, not their being present in the same place


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 07-09-10-11th, 2014

(Viewer’s question) ‘Mr. Adnan, were there women with revealing clothes around our Prophet?’

These people never look at the Qur’an. Women walked around bare-chested at the time when the Qur’an was sent down. That was how it was for years. That is how it was when our Prophet was preaching. A verse came to our Prophet in which God said that women should cover their chests up. And the women covered their chests. Our prophet used to walk round the markets in those days. The verse came down, and women were told to cover up their private parts. Because nakedness was prevalent in society then. Our prophet would preach within that society.

The woman in the house where the Prophet Joseph lived wandered around literally half naked. She was in the same house as the Prophet Joseph. The woman liked him very much. He liked her, too. But he wanted nothing to do with lecherousness.

The Prophet Solomon said, “there is a pool here, so step into it,” knowing that the Queen of Sheba would reveal her legs. The verses tell us that she thought it was a deep pool, deep water. They say she exposed her legs. Traditionalist books then say that the Prophet Solomon covered his eyes with his blessed hand and did not look at her. That is an addition that have made up. What is the point of being that foolish? Of falling into that state?

He was alone with the woman. He deliberately told her to step into the pool. He knew what she would do. The woman thought it was deep water. How much of her legs will a woman expose when she imagines the water is very deep? Traditionalist commentators say that the Prophet Solomon did not look at her. Would a person do that if he were not going to look? The woman would obviously reveal her legs there. There is a wide world of fantasy among the traditionalists. The daughters of Hazrat Jethro looked with very great interest at the Prophet Moses. They said he was a very strong and trustworthy person. They liked him. They hinted to their father about marriage. The father said he would let them get married. The Prophet Moses also looked at them. They spoke face to face. Only the wives of our Prophet spoke from behind a screen, and spoke very seriously and strictly. Because Almighty God told them, “You are not like the wives of other believers.” Our prophet also told his wives that. He told them not to speak in a very attractive way. What does not being like other believers’ wives mean? It means not being free in the way that other wives are. There is nothing hard to understand about it.

What does Almighty God tell our Prophet? "After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you" He says. But you can take them as concubines. It is alright if there is someone who pleases him. But from now on, taking them in marriage ios forbidden, He says. What does " even though their beauty might be pleasing to you" mean? It means he sees their beauty. He could not see it if they were all covered up.

Bülent Sezgin: The Companions and their women would purify themselves from the same bowl. And they went on the hajj [pilgrimage] together.

Adnan Oktar: The traditionalists are embarrassed by men and women being in the same place together. They never want to discuss it. Men and women were together on the hajj. Almost on top of one another. Everyone knows that. But they pretend not to. They are not strong enough to change the hajj, or prayer.

God says of the wife of Zayd that He knows her heart, that she liked him. They must have seen one another in order to like one another. God knows your heart, so why conceal what you like, He asks. He looked, and saw and liked him.

Ceylan: A verse speaks of the woman desiring the Prophet Joseph and the Prophet Joseph desiring her.

Adnan Oktar: It says they desired one another. And he was a prophet. The fanatics say, “A prophet would never do that.” But God says he desired her. May God forbid, they are even trying to teach Him right and wrong.

(Hadith): There were three markets in Quraysh. The most important one was in Ukaz. The fair of Ukaz began in the month of Zilkada and lasted 20 days. As well as being a market, poetry competitions were held and speeches were made. Our Prophet regarded preaching at this very busy fair as very important.

Women walked around with their chests exposed at this market. Some of them even walked around completely naked.

(Hadith): "I saw the Messenger of God in the market in Mecca. He spoke to the people there saying, say there is no other god than God so that you may be saved."

Did our Prophet stare at the ground as he preached? He looked at people as he spoke to them. The thinking of the fanatics is unbelievable.

(Hadith): Leading members of the Quraysh came to Abu Talip and complained about the Prophet. Abu Talib said to the Messenger of God; “My nephew, I swear to God that you will obey me. Your tribe came to me and alleged that you are going up to them in their assemblies and saying words that are unpleasing to them. If those words are suited to them, then that is excellent.” At this, the Messenger of God said, "I swear to God that I will not abandon my work, that would be harder than for one of you to bring a piece from the Sun.”

Masha’Allah. Our Prophet goes to these people’s assemblies. He speaks to them. There are women who are uncovered there, and naked women. He speaks to them all. He does not look at the ground as he speaks. He looks them in the face.

My brother, our fanatic brothers sometimes send messages in. Women wear revealing clothes in most of the world. At least 80% of them. You are leading people to irreligion because of this commandment that appears nowhere in the Qur’an. They constantly tell women to cover up and regard them as sex objects. They think of them as creatures that inflame men and lead them into crime. If we are talking about sexuality, men inflame women, too. They never talk about that side of things. Women’s lust is even stronger than that of men. They can be much more powerfully affected than men when they desire. A woman can be affected even only by a man’s figure. She can be affected if she just thinks about it. That is a known fact. Do you not regard this as a problem, my brother, your being so obsessed with women? That idea is very wrong. You must not try to add something to the faith that is not there. They say that Hazrat Fadima said this. Were you there with Hazrat Fadima at the time? Why do you not talk about verses from the Qur’an? You never quote from the Qur’an. These statements are untrue. They are lying. We must learn the truth from the Qur’an.

They have literally wiped Islam from the map because of this matter of covering women up. They have turned Egypt into a river of blood. Just because of fanaticism and dislike of women. Not taking women seriously. God has visited a huge scourge on Egypt. The reason why the problems in Syria are continuing is that women are not valued. Troubles are raining down, but they cannot see it.

Every country that is against women will collapse.

Afghanistan has collapsed. The sole reason is that they oppose freedom for women. What do you care if a woman goes around in shorts or uncovers her hair? You wander round in shorts yourself, my brother. You are free, so why should women not be free? They say that women inflame passions. But men can turn women on, too. They never say a word about that. A woman can be turned on by someone lawful for her when she so wishes. This is the law of God for men and women. But a woman will act in the light of faith and reason. If someone is lawful, she will do as she wishes.

This pressure they put on women is very dangerous. The primary reason why the anger has not calmed down in Egypt is this repression of women. And the laws that enforce repression of women. The military regime’s desire for revenge has not come to an end. It says it will hang them all. Asked why, they say because of the way the fanatics have oppressed women. That is the reason for America’s hatred and for Islamophobia. This pressure on women. Leave women alone to dress as they please. Don’t interfere with these blessed people. Troubles will rain down on anyone who does.

Every Islamic country in which women are not free will collapse. I know what I am talking about. It is wrong to regard women as second class and people from hell, and to force them to cover up.

These people say that women affect men. Then if we put you (men) inside a full body covering so you could not see anywhere, that would also resolve the problem. I am thinking of having these men wander round fully covered in hijab. Women could then be free. They would feel much more comfortable. Islam would long since have prevailed across the world if they would just let women be free. These people are the only reason why Islam has not prevailed. Because of the pressure on and violence against women. Have we not seen all countries in which women are not free collapse?

Did women dye their hair in the time of the Messenger of God?

(Viewer’s question) Was special grooming available for men and women in the time of the Messenger of God? Did women dye their hair?

Adnan Oktar: I have already discussed this at length, but still they ask. Our Prophet (pbuh) used to dye his own hair black. With a mixture of henna and dye. Our mother Hazrat Ayesha says we used to dye our hair from the same bowl. They can see that bowl at Topkapı Palace, among the sacred relics. Our mother Hazrat Ayesha says we used to dye our hair together. Using natural dye.

Our Prophet recommends three dyes for ladies. But he says he likes blond the best. And he says he likes red. Ladies at the time applied a kind of rouge to their cheeks, known as haluq. They used henna on their hands as rouge. But since our brothers are ignorant of all this they try to make women look like men with that strange logic of theirs. Our Prophet forbids that. He says that women should not look like men.

Our Prophet used natural dye to color his hair and beard. There were none of today’s artificial dyes then.

Our Prophet says, 'Jews and Christians cannot dye their hair. You must oppose them, and dye it.' Muslim, the Libas section, Abu Dawud, the Taracul section, An-Nasai, the Zinnat section, Tirmidhi, the Libas section.

Our Prophet tells people who apply henna to their hair that this is a very good thing.

'Soon afterward, someone who had dyed his hair and beard with henna and flax came, and he said that he was more attractive than the ones before’. Later there came someone who had dyed his hair yellow, and he said he was more attractive than them all.' He meant that blond is the best of all. This appears in Abu Dawud and Ibni Majah. They used a special blond dye in those days. They also used to dye their clothes with it.

Islam will prevail in a society in which women are free. But if a country becomes a hell on earth for women, God will destroy that country. Women make up half the population. If half the population are oppressed, God will destroy that country. They think women are easy prey and imagine it is easy to keep them down. Look, there are very few women in the [Turkish] Parliament. They should make up at least half of it. Men want to decide what women wear. What business is it of yours, my brother. Do women interfere in your business? Men do all kinds of things to look good. They wander round as they please on the beaches. Women suffer the worst violence in the world, followed by children. Because women and children cannot defend themselves. That is why some immoral types kill women or children. They inflict that evil on them because they are defenseless. That evil will cease in the time of the system of the Mahdi. Women will go around like flowers. And nobody will touch a hair on their heads. Our Prophet reveals that, 'They will be able to go as far as Sham without a man alongside them.’ What does that mean? Male sovereignty will cease. They will be able to go as far as Sham without a man with them, and be in no danger. When? In the time of the Mahdi.

They claim that Muslims must not have any fun. My brother, you have wiped Islam off the face of the earth. Have you no fear of God? This fanatical mentality of yours has wiped Islam off the face of the earth. Thanks be to God, He has sent His Mahdi, and the corruption is being sorted out. They are now abiding by the Mahdi, willingly or otherwise. World leaders are all going along with the Mahdi, willingly or unwillingly.

Muslims can have guitars and drums and clarinets in their homes. They can laugh and have fun. Because fun also exists in paradise. They have killed the spirit of Islam. They have killed its artistic power. They have taken the love from people’s hearts and replaced it with hate. They have taken away the beauty and replaced it with crudity. They have replaced it with lovelessness. They call a young person who wears modern clothes irreligious. They regard a young girl who dyes her hair as irreligious. They regard anyone who laughs as irreligious. They tell each other that molten lead pours into the ears of anyone who listens to music. They say that angels do not come into a house due to the [human and animal] image on newspaper. What is this all about? What is going on here?

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