Mr. Adnan Oktar comments on ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) taking the consulate staff as hostages

Mr. Adnan Oktar comments on ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) taking the consulate staff as hostages (June 2014)

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Mr. Adnan Oktar comments on 
ISIS (Iraq Syria Islamic State) taking the consulate staff as hostages
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 11,12,13 th, 2014

Teacher, 900 people of ISIS (Iraq Syria Islamic State) raided our consulate in Mosul. 


Today at noon time. They took 48 people - including our consul general -as hostages. It is reported that three of the hostages are children, 15 of them are consulate staff and 30 of them are members of special forces. No conflicts came into existence. It is reported that the hostages are in good health. It is said that the hostages have been arrested by ISIS and they are kept in the Mosul Governorship. 

What is their intention? 

- They demand $5 million for each truck driver who had been previously taken as hostage. In return for the people taken as hostages from the consulate, they demand the release of arrested ISIS members. 

What does Turkey think about it? 

- Chief of staff, the Prime Minister, the President and the Undersecretary of the National Intelligence Agency held a meeting. At the end of the meeting it was declared that necessary initiatives will be taken for the diplomats and special forces staff. NATO held an extraordinary meeting about the issue. The US declared that they will provide whatever backup Turkey may ask for. The Turkish Prime Minister had a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the US for one and a half hours. 

The US states that they can provide backup but does not get involved, right? NATO can not intervene Iraq and Syria. Only if an attack is made against Turkey they can intervene. NATO considers this as an internal issue of Iraq. 

- Teacher, the Turkish consulate is considered as Turkish land. In this case this is considered  an attack on a NATO member, Turkey.  

Why does NATO wait then? 

- They held a meeting.

Then they are assessing the situation. As I understand it, ISIS want to get into some adventure. These are all the footsteps of the system of the Mahdi. God shows that there is no solution other than the Mahdi. Even if NATO or any other entity comes, there will not be any solution other than the Mahdi. The US could not cope with these, so how can NATO ? To say it clearly, the US avoids this. They say, “Let’s not get  involved in this.” 

It is unbecoming to resist about the system of the Mahdi. If you establish the Unity of Islam and make Hazrat Mahdi (as) lead it, is there any necessity to tell how all these issues will be solved? They will be solved just at that moment. Other than that there will be no solutions. 

Teacher, Turkey declared that in order to receive the hostages without resorting to any violence, contacts are made with Saudi Arabia and the tribes there. 

ISIS also extorts from those tribes. Seeing it as a source of money, ISIS may soon also enter Saudi Arabia. ISIS has grown extremely wealthy. They have looted all the banks in Iraq. 

Their most important income is the money they receive in return for hostages. They received $18 million USD for the four French journalists released last week. 

They have no problems regarding money or no problems regarding arms. They also have no problems about finding looter soldiers. There is no solution other than the system of the Mahdi. They have no solution other than the system of the Mahdi. 

The tribes in Iraq are supporting ISIS, teacher. 

They are forced to do so. ISIS puts the members of tribes into line and and they tell one by one that they must abide by them [ISIS]. They shout, “I obey ISIS and I am subject to this state. If I do otherwise, what is necessary can be executed.” They don’t leave anyone who does not obey them. Once they are subject to ISIS, everything come under the service of ISIS. They also recruit the members of tribe and make them soldiers. 

I repeat again, there is no solution other than the system of the Mahdi. Those who feign ignorance will ultimately ask for Hazrat Mahdi (as). They will shout, demanding the Unity of Islam There is no other solution. America, France, England, they are all obliged for this. 

Teacher, ISIS acts as a state there. They distribute the electricity and open schools. It is stated that the local people have accepted this situation. 

Of course they distribute food and money to the people. 

Teacher, before ISIS was affiliated to al-Qaida but for the last one year they carry out their acts individually because of the disagreement they have. 

Soon ISIS will ask al-Qaida to be affiliated to it or they may be willing to act from two branches. Especially for those unemployed people who have nothing to do; they have things to do now. They sought a solution other than the system of the Mahdi. They are holding meetings one after another but no solution comes about. There is no solution other than the system of the Mahdi. 

- Teacher, ISIS proceeds  south in Iraq. They have held control over Tikrit and started to march towards Kirkuk. Maliqi stated that he will form an army against ISIS. 

The members of the army established by Maliqi would also pass to the side of ISIS. They distribute weapons to the people. Maliqi assumes that the problem can be settled without faith and the Qur'an. He believes that struggle with weapons would be sufficient. 

- Teacher, the soldiers of the Iraqi army joined ISIS. Saddam’s four former commanders are commanding ISIS. 

They want them to have faith in communists and they go by. They put them to test and execute those who do not know how to pray and the tenets of Islam right away. ISIS burns PKK members with gas without any interrogation. That is, they do not have a method  that abides by Islam and the Qur'an. God shows all of them that the sole solution is the system of the Mahdi. Nobody remains who does not see that. 

- Teacher it is estimated that the military forces of ISIS in Iraq has reached six or seven  thousand people. It is estimated that ISIS has around 10 thousand armed members in Syria. 

10 thousand, 20 thousand. All tribes will join. People tend to join the powerful side. They also hand out money. This pleases the people there. 

Teacher it is stated that from the grassroots, ISIS has 100,000 supporters in Iraq. 

Their supporters can increase to 300,000 . They should say out in the open that the system of the Mahdi is the solution. They should say that the Unity of Islam is the solution. I have said this; God will make the system of the Mahdi reign by His beautiful Name, the al-Jabbar. They said that I am talking in vain. There is no other solution. I said that God will do it by force. 

Teacher, lately Maliqi took a stance against Sunnis. The current ISIS movement is also called the Sunni rebellion. 

There are so many Sunnis in the region. There are so many Sunnis in Iraq and Syria but this is not an issue of Sunni and Shia. There people think that they have gotten a profession and also gained some booty. Meanwhile they express the brutal feelings in their hearts because there are some brutal people among them who have been raised as Darwinists and materialists. Some, on the other hand, say that this needs to be done in the name of religion and Islam. The day the Unity of Islam is established, the issue will be solved. Other than that the incidents would further escalate. This is not an issue that can be handled by tanks or cannons. If they wish, they can try but it wouldn’t work out. The Unity of Islam and the Mahdi is needed under all circumstances. If they pretend not to understand, God will compel them until they understand. 

They don’t take any threat seriously. Tanks or cannons would not scare them. If buildings are destroyed by Turkish artillery, the war sites would be established. Indeed, when cities are totally ruined, they move more comfortably. They don’t want to leave the cities intact. Consequently even if  Turkish bombardment were done, they would withdraw somewhere else and try to exhaust their opposing forces. 

Weapons would not solve the problems. Turkey is a small country. Syria had the biggest army in the region, but it is in pieces now. Iraq had the third biggest army in the world and now it is demolished. Only faith will defeat them. 


Is the location where the hostages are held apparent? 

- Yes, they are in the governor’s office in Mosul. 

But carrying out an operation against that building would be very dangerous. [In that case] nobody would survive. Operations will not deliver any results. Only by the system of the Mahdi   can accomplishments be made. There is no love other than the system of the Mahdi; there is only blood, violence, conflicts. The taste of Islam cannot be felt. Only fear thrives. Pain thrives. People are influenced negatively and nothing else comes about. 

Bediuzzaman says: " Our enemies advocate poverty, ignorance and conflict.” Ignorance, that is, lack of knowledge. These people [radicals] advocate what the Qur'an does not tell. The Qur'an does not tell them to shoot everyone passing by. Almighty God does not tell them to chop off people’s heads and play football with them. Is such an understanding of Islam acceptable? 

One verse of the Qur'an reads: "You are not a dictator over them. So remind, with the Qur’an, whoever fears My Threat." 

Sure, let’s pray that God guides these people. One pities  these people and the people there. 

There is no compulsion in Islam. In no way does it exist. According to the Qur'an, “You have your religion and I have my religion.” One can never intervene in other’s religion. Islam is only offered, and a person either accepts it or not, but imposition is never acceptable. Our mere efforts would not put an end to ignorance. What needs to be accomplished is to unite the Islamic world and make Hazrat Mahdi (as) lead this unity. 

Then issues will be settled in a matter of minutes or seconds. 


Releasing the hostages would be beneficial to  ISIS; they will understand what I mean later. 

I repeat it again, so that they should not say, “He has not warned us before.” They should release those hostages immediately. They can’t obtain any results with what they are committing now. Every passing day works against them. They will understand what I mean later. They should heed my warnings from the beginning. They should release the hostages quickly and with courtesy. 

Teacher, meanwhile it is related that in Mosul the Armenian church is bombed by ISIS.  

With this mindset they have they  put on both churches  and synagouges on fire. Their outlook on the Qur'an is different. They believe that they are carrying out a jihad now. They are convinced that they are acting in compliance with the Qur'an. 

They should heed my words about releasing the hostages. 


Teacher, following the incidents in Mosul Mr. Bahçeli made the following statement: 

“In order to protect and watch over our Turkmen, all options, including resorting to arms, must be considered.” He said that they will back any intervention that will be carried out for Turkmens. 
Turkmens, Arabs, Kurds. There are Kurdish children there. There are Arab children with curly hair. There are apple-cheeked Turkish children. They are all so cute. We need to save them all. It is not acceptable to save only the Turks and leave the Arabs. It is not acceptable to save Arabs and leave the Kurds. They are all the sons of Prophet Adam. We will save them all. 

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