They want to bring down the regime in Iran

They want to bring down the regime in Iran (25.05.2014)

They want to bring down the regime in Iran
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 25th, 2014

- Facebook and Twitter were already banned in Iran. Now they have banned the image sharing site Instagram. 

Adnan Oktar: Iran has really put itself in a terrible state. They have made it worse than North Korea. This is a terrible conception of state and regime. It is terrible and ruthless. This is a huge attack on Islam. It is a terrible denigration of Muslims. Look and see what they have turned Iran into. They want to bring the regime down by force. That is what they want. Young Iranians are being increasingly filled with hate. Millions of young people are being filled with hate. Eventually they will bring the regime down and turn Iran into a horrible place. 

My brother, put the regime right, sort it out. Stop the regime being a scourge. Let it turn into a state of compassion, a regime of beauty. There is no need for squalor. Art is banned, music is banned, fun is banned and laughter is banned. Women are banned from dressing freely. The internet is banned. Have you gone crazy? What has this to do with Islam and the Qur’an? These are things intended to bring down the wrath of God. 

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