There can be no national awareness in young people who are ignorant of the scientific response to Darwinism and materialism

There can be no national awareness in young people who are ignorant of the scientific response to Darwinism and materialism (07.06.2014)

There can be no national awareness in young people who are ignorant of the scientific response to Darwinism and materialism
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 07th, 2014

- The Taliban have attacked Karachi airport in Pakistan. The fighting, in which 12 people have died, is said to be still going on.

Adnan Oktar: The Taliban’s attacks will never end. The Taliban are in charge there. Other communities are just guests. These things can never be ended. There is no other solution than education.

The Taliban provide what they think of as education. They educate the ignorant masses by ignorant means and win people over. It is the same with the PKK [terror group]. They take ignorant people away. They directly propagandize communism. The person they educate then thinks that communism is the truth of life. They give no other alternative. They allow none to be known. Yet those young people should be taught to give a rational response. What should you say? Darwin proposed a primitive theory, but science was weak in his day, 100 years ago. The evidence they point to is invalid. Let us give some examples. There are 600 million fully formed and complete fossils. They all prove creation. Do these young people know that? No. Are these fossils on display in public museums? No. They are all in stock rooms. What do we see in public museums? Signs on the doors saying, “You will see how life forms came into being through evolution.” The state is not telling the truth. It says you will see evidence from the micro-level to the macro-level. But you will not find any evidence inside. Someone who reads that sign will believe in evolution when he goes in. Dinosaurs are used as evidence of evolution. Dinosaurs are also perfect beings, from their cells to all their other systems.

- It is revealed in one verse that, “Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away!”

Look, the truth has been covered up by superstition. My books about the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism are shattering superstition everywhere. Through learning and virtue.

Look, my brother, I have shown the easy way. I have shown the cause of the disease. Darwinist and materialist education produces communism. That is why they [the PKK terror organization in Turkey] think they are in the right. Young people need to be told that Darwinism and materialism are wrong. The state itself teaches Darwinism. This is a miracle, it is unbelievable. You are building something that will destroy you, but you fail to realize. You are constructing a system that will be a scourge for your own back, but you fail to see it. I am not saying that Darwinism should not be taught. Tell people about it. But let us describe how invalid it is, with scientific evidence. Then they wonder where this separatism came from. My brother, you have been teaching it day and night.

Turkish youth is not educated. If we had educated and aware young people in all our provinces, they would have debated with them and crushed them scientifically. Young people cannot argue. They cannot enter into debates with the PKK [terror organization]. You cannot do it with sticks and tanks and guns. In that case you will be saying, “I cannot deal with you through ideas, so I shall use a large stick instead.” When someone challenges you to a debate, you cannot argue scientifically. That is very easy.

- When anyone talks against Darwinism in Germany they say, “How can anything taught by the state be wrong?” It is also taught by the hand of the state in Turkey.

Then they ask if the state is lying to them. They ask if the state and universities are deceiving them. If you give universities and academies the task of telling people about Darwinism, if Darwinism is taught in thousands of public institutions, then what will become of the nation? Then they will wonder where the scourge came from. That is why God sends down the scourge. God will afflict you for what you have done. Because you say in Darwinist books that there is no creator. You say the universe came into being by chance. You educate young people to be Darwinists, so they behave as Darwinists. What is surprising in that? It is inconceivable to think that a Darwinist is not also a Marxist.

What are you saying? You say the universe started with evolution. You say that matter evolved. Then what do you say? You say that living things evolved and history evolved and then religions evolved. If [you teach that] history evolves, then you (the state that teaches Darwinism) accept Marx’s teachings and communism. So why do you shout and make a fuss? Marx says there was a first communal society and everything was held in common. He says that homes and women and everything were shared. Then pagan structures began emerging. Then feudal society and then capitalism. Now he says history is turning full circle and we are turning back to communist society, he says. He regards it as legitimate for them to resist since the capitalists are taking away their possessions. He says the only way is to crush their resistance. In this way there will be a communal society again, he says. Everyone who signs up to evolution has to sign up to that. Isn’t that right?
If there is evolution at the beginning, if living things evolve, if history evolves, then you go along with what the communists say. They say there is no religion. That religions are fabrications, may God forbid. We say, on the basis of the Qur’an, that God created them. But you (the state that teaches Darwinism) say not. You say the Qur’an is not true. Official books say the Qur’an is not true. If there is no religion, you have signed up to communism. So why all the fuss? If you accept religion, then when Darwinism is criticized scientifically, you have to tell people of that criticism. If not, communism will prevail. And you will be in a wretched position. You can respond to Darwinism with the signs leading to faith and the miracles of the Qur’an. The existence of God is explicitly seen. The proponents of evolution are hypnotizing you. They say there is no God. And you say, “If you say so, then there is no God (May He forbid).” You agree that religions came into being through evolution. So why be surprised when communism grows in the country?

They underestimated Darwinism and regarded it as a simple matter. Do you not see where it is leading the country? If the state and the PKK are teaching Darwinism with all their might, how can we strive against that?  Assuming we fight the PKK, what are we to say to the state? The state is actively engaged in Darwinist education. The state’s Darwinist education must be stopped. It is a grave danger.


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