The force that can stop the 3rd World War referred to by the Pope is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh)

Pope Francis has said that war is a state of madness and that wars prosecuted in the name of religion are condemned to be cursed. He also said that the fragmented crimes and killings and conflicts taking place in different parts of the world may be the first stages of the 3rd World War.
Adnan Oktar: The force that will prevent the 3rd World War is the Mahdi. The reckoning will come with the 3rd World War. Not a stone will be left standing. The imam Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah, those two fine people, have come to prevent the Reckoning. They will stop it when little time remains. There will be a good time lasting for some 70 years, but then degeneration will begin.

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