God chooses the Mahdi, and people will find the Mahdi chosen by God

God chooses the Mahdi, and people will find the Mahdi chosen by God
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 20th, 2013

God chooses the Mahdi. The people do not choose Muslims’ leader. Muslims coning together to choose a leader is like turning the Sun into a lentil. If you can do one, you can do the other. But both are impossible. 

They can only find the leader chosen by God. The evidence to find him with is out there. They must look at history, the hadiths, the Torah and the omens. They must look in their own hearts and consciences. They will recognize him with the light of faith. It is impossible to choose anyone other than the Mahdi. 

They ask what will become of the Kurdish problem. There will be no more Kurdish problem. Kurdish means ‘light.’ The Mahdi will embrace the Kurds with a great love. He will put an end to all their sufferings. He will do that in a matter of hours and minutes. The Mahdi will resolve all the Kurds’ problems inside an hour. There will be no more hungry people, no extremists and fundamentalists, no killings and no wars. All negative things will be eliminated. Because God will stop them through the Mahdi. They imagine the Mahdi manages it. But the Mahdi is only an instrument. God will produce the Mahdi and put an end to war, and then to the Kurdish problem. Then He will end the economic crisis and give rise to great prosperity. But in order not to eliminate the need for people to use their free will, when people ask who did all that, they will say it was the Mahdi. Yet it is really God Who did it all directly. He will do it using the Mahdi as His instrument.

For example, God takes souls. Through whom? Through Azrael. But who takes them? God. But when they ask who takes the souls away, they say it is Azrael. God takes the souls away directly, using Azrael as His instrument. 

Bediuzzaman explains, but they fail to understand. God will purify the Islamic world THROUGH the Mahdi,” he says. He does not say the Mahdi will do it. THROUGH the Mahdi. But since they do not concentrate properly they imagine the Mahdi will do it. He says God will do it through the Mahdi. It is God Who does it. God says He will not do it any other way. Ask who you should bring in other than the Mahdi, and God says He will not allow it. Bring in whomever you like; God says He will bestow no salvation, peace or well-being. But if you bring in the Mahdi, He says His destiny will then flow. God says He will not do it any other way. There is nothing hard to understand about that.


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