There is a huge killing competition going on in Syria at present

There is a huge killing competition going on in Syria at present

There is a huge killing competition going on in Syria at present
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 01th, 2013

Adnan Oktar: There are several solutions. But rest assured that there is no solution other than the system of the Mahdi. All other solutions will remain up in the air. Neither America nor any other country can find a solution. For one thing, Islamic countries are loveless. Many are loveless. If your child were about to die in a fire you would rush in to save it without even bothering to put shoes on. They do not regard Muslims as brothers. They do not pity them. They do not go and rescue them. Selfishness and lovelessness prevail. The love, compassion and protectiveness of the system of the Mahdi are what will count against this. God is creating this opportunity for them so they can see the opposite poles. He is creating these situations to show Islamic countries the awful state they are in, how loveless they are and how widespread the cruelty is.
My apologies, but many of them are like that.

They are in no current state to show any sense. Islamic organizations and Muslim organizations are all silent. Leading Islamic countries say let them kill the Syrian people. The same in Egypt. They say let them kill them all. They hate one another. There is no one left to trust anywhere around. And in that situation Almighty God points to the system of the Mahdi as the only path. When it becomes clear that political approaches cannot produce a solution, only cause trouble, and that people will only suffer, then people will say, “We have tried every path but there is no path or solution outside the system of the Mahdi.”.

Didem Ürer: This little lamb has been orphaned in Syria.

Adnan Oktar: Let me see. My little lamb. If only we knew where he was and could go and get him out of there. His older brother would take such good care if only we could find him.

Didem Ürer: Syria has said that if there is an American intervention it will strike at military and intelligence targets in.

Adnan Oktar: That is possible. There is a crazed killing competition going on. They are competing to see who can kill most people. You have killed 100, but I killed 200. You killed 200, I killed 400. They are in a competition to see who can kill most savagely. May God forbid, this is a terrible state of affairs.

God is showing there can be no solution other than ‘The Mahdi who stops the bloodshed.’ God is showing this by constantly increasing the scale of the savagery and suffering. America will also see it is no solution if it bombs and kills. Then they will say that God wants something. And they will then find what God wants.


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